The New Trailer has Arrived!!! See Photos

Thanks to those who made a donation to help get a trailer, our Oklahoma shelter now has a beautiful new trailer. This trailer will be used to help rescue horses from the slaughter pipeline, owner surrenders, taking horses to their new homes and so much more!

I was not sure if we would be able to pull off raising all the money to buy this much needed trailer, but you, the donors, showed me yet again that if everyone does what they can much will be accomplished. Y’all are amazing! Shari our Oklahoma shelter manager wanted to personally tell you “Thank-You!” for making the new trailer possible. To watch her thank you message – Click Here.

The new trailer has arrived just in time for us to rescue horses at a big auction this weekend. It generally has over 100 horses that sell mostly to kill buyers. There is just one problem, we don’t have enough funds in our Auction Rescue Fund to rescue horses this weekend. All the funds were depleted with the last auction rescue we did. If you donated just $25, we would be able to go to the horse auction this weekend and fill this new trailer up with horses and ponies that would otherwise be shipped to slaughter.

Please donate $25 right now and help save a slaughter bound horse!

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Thank You Again So Much!


Tawnee Preisner
Horse Plus Humane Society