Help Save Horses From Slaughter!

Slaughter Auction Rescue This Weekend – Please Help!

You Can Help!

We need to raise $6,000 to rescue horses from a slaughter auction this weekend in Oklahoma. This auction is in Oklahoma and usually sells well over 100 horses during the auction, these horses are mostly sold to kill buyers. Our Oklahoma shelter just got their new big trailer and are ready to go save horses from being shipped to slaughter.   We provide the rescued horses vet care, training, rehabilitation, and find them adoptive homes where they will know love and safety.  We often rescue horses from the auctions with chronic medical problems which cause them excruciating pain.  With your donation we can rescue them, give them vet care, and if necessary, the Last Act of Kindness.

It is so sad and heartless that owners dump their horses into the slaughter pipeline with no thought for their future.  With your help we can save them from that horrible fate.  Please help us save precious horses at slaughter auctions, donate now.  No amount is too small, every dollar helps!