Thanks to who donated, 10 lives were SAVED!!!

Horses, mules, babies and a pony saved!!!

Thank You, Thank You!!!

Hello Everyone,
Thank you, thank you to each and every one who donated! Because of you 10 precious lives were saved out of the slaughter pipeline tonight!!!

I want to say a special thank you to those of you who donated tonight after my last post. Because of you we were able to save another baby mule (photo above right), we didn’t have the money during the auction to save this baby mule. But because of you and your donation we were able to buy this baby mule from the kill buyer. The kill buyer wanted to make $25 off the deal and we were not going to let that $25 be the difference between life or slaughter for this baby. Again thank you for your donations that put us above our goal and let us save this baby mule too!

I will be sending out photos of each one that was rescued from this auction tomorrow. Below are photos taken at the auction of the ones you helped save!

With Much Gratitude!

Tawnee Preisner

President of Horse Plus Humane Society


This is the biggest auction rescue we have ever done at one time in Oklahoma and I want to thank everyone who donated to help get the new big trailer for our Oklahoma shelter. Without this big trailer we would have been only able to rescue about half of the ones we saved tonight.

Just got a message from Shari-

     She said: “Should be home about 12:45am. Then I have to put some panels in  place to make a pen for the babies and move a water trough in there. Gonna be a long night.”

I said: “You are so amazing!!!”

      She said: “No, the donors are amazing. I’m just happy to have saved these beautiful animals.”

Shari is right y’all are the amazing ones!!!!! Thank You!!!!