Oklahoma Shelter: Find Out the Names of Oklahoma’s 10 Rescued Equine!

We have had a very exciting month at the Oklahoma Horse Plus Shelter! The Trailer was shipped to Oklahoma and we picked it up on a Wednesday and that very Saturday we put it to good use picking up 10 horses, mules and a pony!!


Raising money for the trailer was a much needed miracle….The borrowed trailer was just not meeting the needs of the shelter. It was still safe for hauling animals, but was too small to rescue the number of animals we need to help.

Our shelter manager Shari wrote on Facebook-
“While on the freeway driving home. I saw a semi-truck pulling a long, aluminum type trailer. Similar to the double decker used to haul cattle and pigs but, a single deck only. The top part of the trailer I could see horse’s heads they were packed like fish in a can. I wish I could have followed them… I know I could not save them. Less than two miles down the road I seen a beautiful horse trailer probably, with some very expensive horses inside. Plenty of room and safety for the horses. Food and water whenever they want. There is no difference between the horses. Both trailers were carrying lives that feel pain, know happiness, and know fear. One truck will go to a racetrack or maybe even a big fancy barn. The other trailer will go to a place that is like a bad horror film.”

The horse slaughter pipeline is very active in Oklahoma with hundreds of horses being shipped to slaughter every week.  Thanks to your support a lucky 10 were saved and the veterinarian was able to come out and do health checks on all of them. We had some good news and unfortunately we had some bad news.

Noah – He is a handsome Palomino we knew that was old but, it turns out that he is 25+.


He has some dental issues but, other that minor dental issues the vet didn’t find any other apparent issues.


Patience – is a branded Quarter Horse mare 11 years old.


Has a noticeable wound that the vet x-rayed and concluded that she has a small bone chip in her rear left leg. Time will tell if it heals, worst case scenario she will need surgery.


Cherokee – was evaluated by the vet and he has some health issues. We are hoping he will be ok.


Beignet – The paint molly mule is super sweet and has been handled because she let the vet handle her almost perfectly. She is estimated to be 9 months old.


She has a permanent deformity and it will affect her quality of life as she gets bigger. It will cause her leg to break down and cause her a lot of pain. This was very sad to hear… We saved her from the kill buyer after the auction, we are so thankful that she was not shipped to slaughter. We all just wish the vet had better news about her condition.


Zeus – Is a chocolate palomino pasture pony that is supper sweet and friendly 11 years old and has no apparent health concerns.


Joy – A beautiful bay mare.  She is said to have 30 days at the trainer and is 4 years old.  No apparent health concerns.

zeusbodyJoyWalker – An Easter egg…… Okay no not an Easter egg but, at nine months we were unable to determine a definite color. Maybe a buckskin or a grullo??? Time will tell. He is a determined to be 9 months old. No apparent health concerns.



Manny – He is less than 6 months old. His face is very cute!


Manny needs a lot of TLC and is very skinny.  The vet said he should make a full recovery.


Dallas – is a sorrel long legged boy. He is estimated to be less than 6 months old. He is very handsome and he loves to talk to all the other horses.


Manny and Dallas are good friends, they are so cute!


Zocco’s Sedona – is a beautiful appaloosa boy, estimated to be 6 months old.


He is a very flashy boy, he is gong to be a very handsome horse when he grows up.


Our intact boys Sedona, Walker, Dallas, and Manny will be having their castration surgery in the following weeks.

We want to THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE that has made it possible for the Oklahoma Shelter to grow and save more lives from slaughter. Without you we would not have the resources like the trailer, feed, and medical care to do this.  You have made this all possible.


-Tiffany D
Horse Plus Humane Society – Oklahoma Volunteer

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