Busy Month at the Oklahoma Shelter

The Oklahoma Shelter has been busy the past few weeks! Horse Plus was able to have a booth at the Oklahoma Pet Expo! Being the only horses there the local news station FOX 25 did a LIVE interview! Shari did amazing job educating the public about Horse Plus and encouraging people to come meet a few available babies! Shari, brought Beignet, Manny, and Walker! Watch Shari’s LIVE interview, click here!


The Pet Expo was a huge success educating the public about Horse Plus and its mission plus, now we have pending adoptions on several of the horses/mules at the shelter! This little girl loved the babies!
Getting love Babhy
Shari, couldn’t have done it without the help of our new volunteer Faith! A fellow horse lover she helped hold the babies on a rubber mat all while dogs, kids, and people came up to meet them.

If that wasn’t enough action for these young babies on Monday, the veterinarian and the farrier came over to the shelter to give the babies some much needed attention. Manny, Walker, Dallas, and Zocco’s Sedona all got their hooves trimmed and the veterinarian was able to castrate them. They all did great and recovered very quickly. The farrier will be back soon to trim the adults hooves before our 1-Day Open Door Shelter even August 21st 2016 where potential adopters will be able to meet each of our adoptable equines! Zocco’s Sedona was prepped for his gelding surgery.

Prepped for surgery
Right after their gelding surgeries the farrier got busy trimming their hooves.

Getting a pedicureBefore and After the hoof trim, as you can see these little guys really needed hoof care. When someone decides that they are going to dump their horse at an auction they rarely do any hoof care. We are so thankful to everyone who donated to help rescue these horses from auction and get them the help they need.

BF and AF hoofShari, has been doing amazing working with all of the horses and mules. All the babies are halter broke and she has been working on desensitizing them to noises, touch, and motion. The adults Shari has been putting a saddle on them and right now seeing what they know. We hope to be able to send a couple horses to the trainer so one day they can go for trail rides.  Patience has had some experience with a saddle and bit, she is a very pretty mare.

PatienceZeus know’s what a saddle is but still needs a little work, he may have been sitting around for a while before he was dumped at the auction.

Zeus saddle

Almost everyone is gaining weight and looking better by the day. Noah, our 25+ year old senior is depressed and not eating very well. We are watching him and doing what we can to help him but, as of right now he seems to have given up hope. When people take horses to the auction they don’t think about how it mentally effects them to leave their home and their owner especially at such an old age. It is really sad, Shari is doing everything she can for him, she’s giving him lots of love and grooming but he is still very sad and depressed.


We are going through lots of hay and treats while they all put weight on and as Shari works the babies and adults. If you would like to donate to help, please follow the link!
Donate Today – Click Here

Thank you so much for your donations and prayers! So far Shari, has had 16 yes, sixteen horses that will be surrendered at our Open Door Event in just a couple of weeks, August 21st! A couple of surrendered horses will have to be transported to Oklahoma from Texas a few days before the event. Plus, other surrendered horse’s will have to be transported from around the state! Talk about busy! If you are looking to adopt a horse from our program you can fill out the paper work now! Fill out Adoption Paperwork Now – Click Here!

1-Day Shelter

If you are willing to volunteer at the Horse Plus Oklahoma Shelter, please contact us! There is always something we could use help with! Working with the horses, help with transport, going to livestock auctions, taking pictures, fixing and improving the shelter area and general help at events!! You must be over 18 and be willing to sign a release!
Shelter Manager Shari H.
Email: okshelter@horsehumane.org
Phone: (405) 928-1896

Thank you