Tennessee Shelter: Go with Tawnee and pick up 4 horses

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Tawnee and Kimberly had a busy day planned. A total of 4 horses were going to be picked up.  Their owners could no longer keep them due to age and health.  At the first location Tawnee wasn’t sure what she would find.  It seems that every time she has gone out to pick up horses in TN they are mostly skinny.


Tawnee was happy to see a very happy, well cared for horse come out of the woods to greet her owners.  Then she walked up to Tawnee to say “Hi.”  Her owners had owned her for 20 years and had gotten her as a baby.  It was very hard for them to say goodbye to her, but due to their own health they knew it was time.


Kimberly held Baby while Tawnee made sure the paperwork was filled out correctly.

8-24-16-4Baby was excited about the adventure ahead.  Her owner said she didn’t get out much.  She hopped right in the trailer.

Her owners donated the leftover hay they had.  We always appreciate it when people donate feed with their animals!


Since more horses were being picked up, Tawnee had to squeeze the hay in the back of the pickup.


Her owners told Baby one last Goodbye and thanked Tawnee and Kimberly for their help.

Baby arrived at the next location safely, with wide eyes.  Kimberly told her it wasn’t the final location, there were just a few more horses getting in.

8-24-16-9Another couple decided they couldn’t care for their horses with their age, and it was time to tell their beloved companions goodbye.

8-24-16-10They had some tack that they donated.  We are very grateful for tack as our TN shelter doesn’t have much yet.


They donated a saddle and a bridle.  Tawnee carried it back to the truck and put it in the back seat since they back of the truck was filled with hay.


These people really loved and cared for their horses.  They had stalls that they would lead them into twice a day and give them treats.  They knew it was time to find them a new home where they will be given love and attention.  It must have been very hard for them.


Lady was the first one led to the trailer.  She is a very cute pony.


Next Cheyanne, aka Annie, was loaded.


Dixie was the last one to get in the trailer.  She wasn’t too sure about loading and took a lot of gentle coaxing and persuasion, but she finally hopped in.


Finally they were all loaded up and Dixie took one last look at her old family and her old home as they drove away.


It’s so beautiful and green in Tennessee!  With the beauty and green comes a lot of rain, heat and humidity.

8-24-16-18At the shelter the horses hopped out one by one.

8-24-16-19As they were being unloaded Tawnee had them stand for their intake photos.


Dixie is a 6-7 year old Appy / Paint mare.  Her old owner wrote. “She is a nice mare that is full of life and needs a job and more attention then we can give her. She was green broke as a three yr old and unfortunately, due to some medical issues, I was unable to complete her training. She stands good for the farrier and vet, likes to be groomed, stands tied and is respectful of your space. She is a smooth mover and should do well as an English horse or Trail horse.”

8-24-16-21Cheyanne, aka Annie, is a 13 year old Paint mare.  Her old owner writes: “We purchased Annie 2 yrs ago, from a man that had a kill buyer lined up to come and get her. We were told she was permanently lame. We brought her home and found that by keeping shoes on her front hooves it relieved some of her discomfort. She was afraid of the barn and food aggressive. She now stands tied in the barn and does not fuss as much if another horse is beside her. We were also informed that she had been a broodmare for several years and was still rideable . I do not feel she should have to do either. She stands good for the farrier but has problems with the vet. I did ride her very briefly and do know that she is broke. She does not appear to have had any extensive training and does not honor your space.”


Lady is a 20 year old, pony, possible Morgan cross, mare. Her old owner writes: “We purchased Lady from an Amish family. She is broke to ride and drive but driving is her best ability. She does get barn sour and is always ready to go. She rides and drives up on the lines. She does need a bold rider that has experience. She stands for the vet, farrier, and stands tied most anywhere. She is very mindful of your space and will readily move over to give you room. She is also a very easy keeper.”

8-24-16-23Baby is a 20 year old TN Walker mare.  We are told she was trained to ride, but hasn’t been ridden in several years.  She was a good trail horse back in the day.  She is very sweet and easy going, comes when she is called, and loves people.  She will definitely make a very nice horse for someone.

8-24-16-24Before long Lady, Dixie and Annie were settling in and exploring the pasture as they wandered around.


Baby chose to explore the pasture with a little gusto.  It was really neat to see her exploring her new surroundings.  She is such a pretty mover.


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Thank you all for your support, both financially and emotionally!