From Tawnee: Auction Update and Urgent Need

Hello Everyone,

The last few days have been long and rough ones for me. I got sick (some flu bug going around) and the auction rescue was coming right up. Well I knew I had to push through it, and I was sick at the auction, and I am still pushing through it. As they say, no rest for the weary.

Anyways enough about me.  Tuesday I rescued 8 horses from an auction including Dream, a sored Tennessee Walking Horse.  If you missed it, click here to read his story.  The kill buyers were paying a lot, many of the horses were over $500.  There was over 100 horses there and most went for slaughter. Slaughter price is higher back here then it is out west.  There was one horse, an off the track Thoroughbred with a bad hind leg.  It was swollen and unusable. He was such a sweet horse, I visited with him several times before the auction. I wanted to save him so bad, but by the time he came into the auction ring I had no money left to save him. The hardest thing for me was when he came into the ring, he looked around and when he saw me, he looked at me until the auction workers made him move around. I was thinking, maybe he is so broken down in his hind leg that he would be cheap enough that I could figure out a way to save him. He was a big guy and my heart sank when two of the kill buyers started bidding him up, one of them won the bid for over $500. I know we can’t save them all, but it is so hard knowing the horror that they will go through in the slaughter pipeline and then such a brutal killing to end their lives. It just makes my heart ache. I have to be thankful for the 8 that we saved thanks to your help and focus on them.

The most pressing need is the 3 year old cryptorchid stallion (1 testicle descended) with chemical burns on his legs. He is a handful and we must get him gelded as soon as possible! The closest vet that can do his cryptorchid surgery, which is a major surgery, is over an hour a way. 2 hours round trip and it is going to take 2 trips so 4 hours of driving. I’m going to have to take him up the day before his surgery and then pick him up a day or two after he is recovered. It is going to cost about $2000 to get him gelded. The surgery itself is going to run $1600-$1800. In our experience it usually goes over the quoted amount when all is said and done, then there is the recovery cost and transporting. So we are looking right about $2,000 to get him the surgery he needs. The good news is that last night and today we have raised over $1200 towards his current needs thanks to support from people just like you!  If we can hit $2000 by tomorrow morning I can call and schedule his surgery. I know it must feel like I’m always asking for funds, but there are so many horses that need help and if they had a voice they would be the ones asking for money so they could get the help they need.  Since they can’t I must ask you on their behalf, please help! Donate – Click Here!



With Much Gratitude,

Tawnee Preisner
Horse Plus Humane Society