Meet all the horses saved from the auction in TN

We have been extremely busy since the auction and apologize for not getting the auction update out sooner.  It didn’t help that some of our TN shelter staff have been sick, and we are all working very hard to catch up.

Skywalk’s Magical Dream’s rescue story was featured on Channel 4 in Nashville.  They did an excellent job reporting the story.   You can watch it by clicking here.


We still need your help for Dream’s long term care and rehab.  His gelding surgery is scheduled for later this week.  His surgery is covered, but we need your help for his extended rehab.  To help out, click here.

8-31-16-2At the auction we rescued a total of 8 horses.  We went above our budget as the slaughter prices were high, but we are so thankful that due to your generous donations we were able to save these 8 precious lives.  The horses loaded up safely for the ride to the shelter.


We had two rescue rigs at the auction.  Jason was driving 7 of the horses and Tawnee, Darin and Kimberly took Skywalk’s Magical Dream to the vet to document his wounds and hair loss on his pasterns from what we believe to be soring.


The 7 horses all made it safely to the shelter and unloaded easily into the waiting quarantine pen.

8-31-16-5The horses started checking out their pen and looking at the horses way across the pasture in the big field.  After their quarantine they will be able to join them.


After the vet exam Dream made it safely to the shelter.  He unloaded into his waiting pen, a pen he has all to himself.


He settled in for his first night.  You can read his rescue story by clicking here.


We want to introduce you to the other 7 horses that were rescued.

8-31-16-9This is Push to Win, aka Winny, Mare, DOB 10/26/2010 Reg. # 21003754, Tennessee Walking Horse.

8-31-16-10Diamond – 3 year old TN Walking gelding, was at the auction because they couldn’t get him to do the big lick.

8-31-16-11Buddy – Very sweet 4 year old TN Walking horse gelding.


Ceila – 4 year old QH mare.


Ritzy – 2 year old Appy mare.


Despite being so young, Ritzy has already suffered a great deal.  She has had one of her hips broken, and it’s causing her a lot of trouble.  She is a horse that the kill buyer thought he was getting for sure, and even the auctioneer was baffled that someone would want to buy her for anything other than the meat on her bones.  Even after he pronounced “Sold” he asked “You do know she’s lame and crippled right?”  Yes, we know, but it doesn’t mean she deserves to go to slaughter.  The Last Act of Kindness is the most humane thing to do to free her from her suffering.


Paula – 18 year old Polo pony.  She came to the auction from Florida.  Apparently she has been doing polo tournaments down there and was dumped when they were done with her.


Promise – 4 year old very sweet mare with an old injury on her neck. We believe she is pregnant.


When Tawnee saw Promise at an auction she couldn’t believe her eyes, Promise was standing sadly in the corner missing a huge section of her neck. There’s a huge amount of scar tissue telling a story of pain and suffering, a story too hard to think about. Tawnee knew the kill buyers would be the only ones who would want this poor horse. Right then and there Tawnee made a promise to this poor horse. “I’m going to save you!” she said “You’re not going to the slaughterhouse, you have been through enough it’s all going to be OK now, I promise.”
When the poor horse came into the auction ring two of the kill buyers started bidding against each other. Tawnee stepped in and won the bid, saving this poor horse from untold suffering. She knew there was only one name for this horse, it had to be Promise.
Promise looks very pregnant and we are suspecting that she will give birth within a month. We could be wrong, mares have fooled us before, but we really think Promise is pregnant. Please consider sponsoring Promise, she is going to be here with us for a while, she needs a safe place to have her baby and a safe place for her baby to grow. Hopefully when her baby is old enough a wonderful home can be found for them both. Until then Promised needs your help – Please commit to a $10 monthly gift to help with Promise’s care and her special needs.  
Sponsor Promise – click here


We posted a video on Facebook where Tawnee is explaining about Promise’s old injury.  You can watch the video by clicking here.


Thank you for all your support!