California Shelter: Geldings, Adoptions and More!

In remembrance of September 11, 2001 volunteers from the United States Air Force 13th Intelligence Squadron came out to construct the remaining horse shelters brought over from the old facility in Bangor to our new facility here in Newcastle.


These men and women worked hard to construct four run in sheds that will protect the horses here from the harsh elements.


You could tell that this was a well matched team.  Listening to music, laughing and enjoying the work they were doing for the horses here in spite of the rising temperature.


We would like to give a big thank you to Brandon A., Alexander B., Thomas C., Anthony D., Tyler F., Joshua G., Nyssa G., Jasmin J., Andrew K., Aaron M., Javis M., Stephen M., Killian N., Alexander O., Patrick P., Lee P., Kyle S. and Victoria T. of the United States Air Force 13th Intelligence Squadron.


Little Nina has gotten a lot more comfortable wearing a fly mask.  Isn’t Nina adorable?

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Billy the goat was castrated and went home with repeat adopter Paul.  He is very happy now on many acres with other goat friends.

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Jax got bath and did very well, this boy loves his baths and playing with the hose.

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We were also keeping a watchful eye on a brush fire that was just a mile or two behind the shelter.  Thankfully CalFire had it under control and put out in a short time.


Brenda took Miss Pearl out for a ride and she did very well!  We are so impressed by this pretty mare everyday.  She is available for adoption.


Tahoe Jet went home with his new mom, Jamie, she is calling him Melman.  They are certainly a cute pair.  Congratulations Jamie and Melman.


Later in the week we had the vet out to geld Stitch and Jax.  Melissa had to keep Stitch down a few seconds longer so the vet could administer antibiotics.


During his procedure the vet determined that Stitch is approximately 16 years old.  We have another story we would like to share with everyone about Stitch in just a couple days….stay tuned!!


Little Jax stayed out for the entire procedure and was not in any hurry to get up afterwards.  He was perfectly content to be loved on by vet and shelter staff.  The vet determined that Jax is approximately 4 years old.


One of our younger volunteers, Taylorlyn, came out to help organize the tack.  She also helped fill waters for the horses and scoop manure.  This little girl is so in love with horses she is willing to do even the stinkiest jobs.

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Our week ended with Mr. Blitz going home with his new mom, Alexis.  She is enamored by his willingness to work and learn new things.  Congratulations Blitz and Alexis!


Thank you for you support!