Dream’s Update and Journey

Dream’s big day had finally arrived to have his stacks removed.  We rescued Dream (Skywalks Magical Dream) in August from an auction with 5″ stacks on his front hooves.  He had scars and open wounds on his pasterns from what we believe was soring.  To read his rescue story, click here.  We have been working hard on helping Dream adjust to being a normal horse.  We removed his 5″ stacks and put on lower stacks, and finally it was time for a heavy flat shoe put on.


This has been a process for Dream, a process we wish he would have never had to go through.  We are thankful that he was a victim that found help.  So many Walkers never find the help they need to escape the cruelty of the big lick industry. To read the blog when he was lowered into these smaller stacks, click here.

dream-1The farrier got to work removing the stacks.


Finally the first stack was off.  We were so happy that this is the last time Dream will ever have those horrible things on.

dream-1-2Once the stacks were off the farrier put on heavy flat shoes.


Dream was such a good boy for the farrier.  He stood patiently while the farrier worked away.

dream-3This is a picture of Dream in the 5 inch stacks when we rescued him from the auction.  They are so ridiculous, it’s like sticking a horse in high heels, except they can never take them off to get relief.


Finally his hooves are looking more normal.  Still a ways to go to get his hooves shaped right and in the proper position, but we know that he is so much more comfortable now.

dream-3-2Tawnee led him around to get used to walking without the stacks.  He was a bit confused at first how to step properly.  Poor guy, it must have been so confusing for him.


He was even more confused when it was time for him to be put in his very own large pen.  Horses with stacks cannot be turned out in pastures and live like horses should, they have to be confined to small areas so they do not hurt themselves.  Dream was a little bewildered at all the open space.


We gave Dream two gelding friends, who were also saved from the Big Lick industry.  Dream wasn’t quite sure on walking yet, but liked following his friends around.


Over time Dream finally caught on to walking freely without the clumsy stacks.  He is such a beautiful horse and we are so thankful that he gets to be a horse again.


For now Dream is enjoying being a horse, grazing in the field, and eating his hay.  Once we know he is walking comfortably and fully adjusted to being a gelding, he will be looking for his forever home and learning about trail riding.


This has been a journey with Dream.  From rescuing him at the auction, to his expensive cryptorchid surgery, to getting him flat shod, he has required so much, but he is so worth it all.  He is such a special boy!  We couldn’t have done his rescue and rehab without support from people just like you.  You are amazing, and you are Dream’s true heroes.