California Shelter: Loyal Friends In A Time Of Need

   I know the California blogs have not been as regular as they should be and I do apologize for that.   I want to share with you what has been happening to me personally.  My life was turned upside down yet again just a few short weeks ago.  I received a call no one ever wants to hear.  My mother had passed away.  This was a sudden and unexpected event.  For those that do not know this comes on the heals of losing my sister and grandmother.  I have lost three generations of very close family in just a years time.  To say I just about broke is an understatement.  I was forced to plan another funeral and have not yet healed from the others.  I’m so extremely grateful for all of my friends that stepped up to help keep our shelter going when I could not.  To Tanya, Ellen, Elizabeth and my family, I will never be able to Thank you enough for taking the pressures of the day to day with our shelter out of my hands so I could plan and grieve another tragic loss.  Again I apologize for not getting the blogs out regularly, with the loss of my dear family members it has taken a toll on the California Shelter blogs. Thank you for your understanding.

   While I was away I learned that Cisco had been adopted.  It was so nice to have such good news.  This boy came to our shelter as a skinny scared gelding.  He was so full of parasites and it took a long time and patience to rid his body of them so he could start gaining weight.  Once he started feeling good again we knew he would find a home fast.  Congratulations Cisco!

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Sierra is now lunging fully tacked and Elizabeth will be putting the first ride on her soon.  This pretty lady loves to be groomed and fussed over.  It has been wonderful to watch her progress from knowing basically nothing to starting under saddle in such a short time.


   I missed Jax getting his feet done this time but I was told he is getting to be a pro at having his feet trimmed.  You would never know he was running wild just a few short months ago.   We are so proud of this little guy!


    Jax was also started under saddle recently.  He has already had two rides.  Our trainer Elizabeth says he is a very willing pony and will be a wonderful family pony.

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    Jax was moved to a larger area with the donkeys as he appeared to miss being in a herd environment.  He seems much happier now.  This guy loves attention from humans and equines alike.


    I was able to help recently outside with the horses and barn chores.  It was such a nice needed change of scenery.  I got quite a chuckle to see Tanya helping Matt pull wires for the electricity to the mare motel and pasture area.  Tanya is not a big fan of manual labor but she is a gem in the office.  Tanya said she had fun and it was a nice change of scenery for her too.


   One of the new horses that came in had a strange mass on her neck that caused us some concern.  We quickly had the vet out and thankfully the vet said it looked to be a reaction to a vaccine or similar injection that was given to her prior to her arrival.  We are very thankful that we are not dealing with something contagious.  As our quarantine area is not quite finished.


   This week we had a Last Act of Kindness clinic.  These two senior horses seemed to be best friends.  They even enjoyed their last meal together. Our Last Act of Kindness clinic is a very important service we offer to horses who are in need of humane euthanasia.  You can read more about this service – Click Here.


   After a brief rainstorm last weekend many of the horses were a muddy mess.  Resident Grey was one such mess.  However after his much needed bath and maybe not so needed (but fun) make over, Grey looked like a fancy show pony!


   Along with thanking friends and family for helping through such trying times I would like to give a big thanks to all of you for being so patient and understanding. We could not do all we do without all of you.

Melissa Reali
California Shelter Manager

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