1-Day Open Door Shelter for Horses – Wisconsin

Our first event in Wisconsin happened on October 16th. We were asked to do a 1-Day Open Door Shelter in Wisconsin after a group of rescuers saw the 1-Day Open Door Shelters we had done in Oklahoma.  After working on all the logistics of operating a one-day open door shelter in the Wisconsin area the planning was finalized and the funding was secured through a grant from the WaterShed Animal Fund.
Long time volunteer, Larry, flew out from California to be on site to manage the event.

The 1-Day Open Door Shelter was going to be held at Pony Tales Horse Rescue & Rehab. The response we had received through phone calls and emails from horse owners wanting to surrender horses was a little overwhelming. Larry arrived the Friday before the event and there were already 30 horses signed up to be surrendered. We were quite surprised at the large number but didn’t know for certain if all of them would come in the day of the event. 40 pens were constructed from panels and we thought that it would be enough.

WQOW Channel 18 came out Friday to do a story about the event and what was going to be happening. To see the news clip – Click Here.

The morning of the event was very busy setting up and getting ready for all the horses that would be coming shortly.

Then trucks and trailers started pouring in with horses.  22 horses were transported to the event by volunteers, and we covered their fuel cost.

Another news crew WEUA 13 News came to cover what was happening. It is always hard for horse owners to surrender horses they can no longer keep, but the horse owners were so grateful that this service was made available to them free of charge.

Larry got miked up for the interview. WEUA 13 News did a great job reporting about this event. To Watch it – Click Here.

Halfway through the day more pens had to be set up as there was so many horses being surrendered.

WQOW Channel 18 that did the first story on Friday came back out to be a continuing story about the event.

Larry got miked up again for another interview. We really appreciate all the news coverage that happened at the event. To watch the continuing news clip – Click Here.

At the end of the event 56 horses had been surrendered, making this the largest intake of horses at one of our events.

All the horses that were surrendered were evaluated by veterinarians for quality of life and adoptability. 29 horses were humanely euthanized by one of the veterinarians because they had a poor quality of life. As part of the service of this event we offered free humane euthanasia for horses that needed  euthanasia, but their owners could not afford it. We are thankful that these horses were surrendered and not taken to an auction and then shipped to slaughter. Each one knew love and compassion in the end, they are now pain free.

We placed 27 horses with local rescues and are giving each rescue $150 per horse to help with the intake cost of each horse. If you are interested in any of these horses please contact the rescue directly.

The host rescue Pony Tales Horse Rescue & Rehab took 12 of the horses.



Mid West Horse Welfare Foundation took 7 horses into their program.

Phoenix Rising Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc. took 4 horses into their program.

Spirit Horse Equine Rescue took 4 horses into their program.

This event was a huge success and helped so many horses in need. When you support Horse Plus Humane Society you truly are helping horses across the United States.