Oklahoma Shelter: Lots of Adoptions & Rescues

Our Oklahoma Shelter has been very busy!  First we would like to update you on Sara, the orphaned foal.  She really thrived at our shelter and Shari absolutely adored her.

A wonderful home was found for Sara and her adoptive family was so excited when they picked her up.  Shari was sad to see Sara go, but was happy to see this little filly, who had such a rough start to life, being adopted by people who loved her so much.

Sara is doing great in her home and they absolutely love her.  We are so happy for Sara and her new family.

Manny, Beignett and Zocco’s Sedona were all being adopted together.  We were so happy for this trio who were rescued from auction together, and now they were being placed together.


One by one they each loaded up on the trailer.


The adopters sent us a photo of them after they were adjusted in their new home.  They are all relaxed and happy.  Congratulations to this happy trio!



Shiner was adopted as well. He came to us as a stallion to our 1-Day Open Door Shelter in Oklahoma.  He was gelded and now has found his forever home.



Shari and a volunteer worked with some of the horses that were at the shelter to help them get more adoptable.  Joy, who was rescued from an auction, really did an excellent job on trail obstacles.



Miss Micah, the grey horse, and Joy really enjoyed the water.  Shari was riding Miss Micah bareback, and hopped off so she could play in the water.



She really enjoy it, and loved pawing and playing.  She really loves water!


Zeus, a pony who was rescued from an auction, was being adopted.  Shari was delivering him, and…


…Joy to their new home.  Both Zeus and Joy settled into their new home.  We are so happy that they were adopted together.


Shari has been very busy showing horses to potential adopters.  Dallas was a good boy when this lady was looking at him, but turned out he wasn’t the right match.  He is still looking for his forever home!



Miss Micah found a great match and was adopted.  We are so happy for her.


Shari found a post online that was very concerning.  A very large chestnut mare for $250.  She knew that horse was in danger of being shipped to slaughter.  Thanks to the quick action of Shari and board member Sue, plans were made to rescue Dolly and Daisy (the mule) from what could have been a horrible fate.



Shari headed out with the new trailer to pick them up.


Shari also learned of another horse that needed help.  Lady, a 2 year old paint filly, soon found herself in the new trailer headed to safety.


Lady is a very cute filly.  Her previous home didn’t have the money to feed her as they should have, so she was a little under weight.


A potential adopter came out to meet Dolly, and really fell in love with her.  After being approved to adopt, they came out to take her home.  When they saw how attached she was to Daisy (the mule in this photo,) they decided to adopt them both.


Dolly was so happy that her best little friend was being adopted with her.  They are definitely best friends and we are so happy they were adopted together.



A family came out to meet Lady.  Their smiles became bigger and bigger the more time they spent with her.  Soon they knew they had to adopt her. They submitted their adoption application and can’t wait for her to be transported to their home.


We are so excited about all the adoptions that have been happening at the Oklahoma Shelter.  There are only two available horses at our Oklahoma shelter.  We are going to be fundraising for an auction rescue in Oklahoma very soon.