California Shelter: Auction Update

Thank you so much for donating to save lives at slaughter auctions!  This blog, written by the CA shelter manager Melissa, is about the California auction rescue, the TN shelter will have its auction rescue blog published soon.

We were so excited that we were going to save horses from shipping to slaughter.  Tanya and I got the truck and trailer hooked up and headed out.  We knew we would have a 3 hour drive each direction so our first stop was for fuel.batch_lkej8449We arrived at the auction and watched a bit of the horse tack auction while horses were being unloaded.  Trailer after trailer arrived to drop off horses for the upcoming auction.  We knew better than to take photos of the horses being delivered and unloaded because they have kicked out some of our previous rescuers for taking photos.  After the line of trailers cleared out Tanya and I went back outside to check out all the beautiful horses.  Everything from miniature horses to Clydesdales were scheduled to be auctioned off very soon.batch_lxrb6242_2Most of the horses that were delivered to the auction were in good shape.  A couple had some long hooves but nothing over the top.  It was a very good looking group of 30+ horses.  We heard the auctioneer announce that the last of the tack had sold and the horse auction was about to start.  We headed back in and anxiously waited for the first horse to enter.  The mini horses and a young pony went through first and we are happy to report that they all went home with families who bid way above meat prices.  The next horse up was an older Arab mare.  Shortly after a filly came through.  We won bids on both of them.  After winning the bid on the little filly Don Gates, a very well known kill buyer, walked away from his group of followers and climbed the bleachers and sat down right next to me.  I knew immediately what was going on.  Every horse I attempted to bid on Don would bid on as well.  batch_img_2338_4He was bidding on horses that were well above meat prices and we were no match for his big money.  He allowed us the opportunity to save one more horse from loading on his slaughter bound trailer.  The beautiful palomino mare has no idea how lucky she is to be safe.  I went and paid for the three winning bids.  It was time to take photos of the three horses now owned by Horse Plus Humane Society’s California Shelter.


We couldn’t wait to get them loaded and home to the shelter.  All three mares walked right into the trailer ready to start their new beginnings.


We didn’t get back to the shelter until almost 3 am.  Tanya helped safely unload the mares into our quarantine area.  They all walked out of the trailer and went right to grazing the green grass.  We made sure they were nice and cozy for the night.


In just a few short hours I was up and couldn’t wait to check on the girls. They were actively grazing when I walked into their area but they all stopped and couldn’t wait for a little love.  This is the older Arab mare.  It was said at auction that she is broke to ride and kid safe.  She was the first one to the gate this morning when I came out.  She’s a real sweet mare.


Next is the little filly.  We estimate her to be about 2 years old.  She’s definitely fond of grooming and very curious of everything.  She was the hardest to get photos of because she kept trying eat my phone.   She will need a few extra calories but overall she’s in good shape.


Finally we have the Palomino mare that was said to be broke to ride.  She also enjoys all the attention and couldn’t wait for her breakfast.  She knew exactly what was coming when the UTV filled with feed started heading her way.  She nickered until her food hit the ground and then again after that first bite.


These three ladies will need names soon.  Yes we are asking for help again but this will be so much fun.  Please check our Facebook page and help vote for names.

batch_img_2422_2 Thank you all so much for making this auction rescue possible.  These three are all safe thanks to your generous donations.

-Melissa Reali