Tennessee Shelter: 9 Saved from the slaughter pipeline

Hello everyone,

I want to thank you for your amazing support that allowed us to rescue 12 horses between our California and Tennessee shelters over the weekend.  I had an amazing opportunity at the TN auction, something in the 13 years I’ve been doing this, and over 4,000 horses rescued, I’ve never been able to do.  The auction allowed me to bring a photographer (who volunteered) in to document what goes on at auctions.  The auction owner’s wife is extremely sad that so many horses go to slaughter.  This was such an amazing experience, and I will be writing a blog about the auction soon.  For now, here is one of the photos at the auction of one of the horses we saved.   Below this photo are photos of each of the animals saved at the auction in TN thanks to your support.

Thank you so much! -Tawnee Preisner


Soquili is an 8 year old TN walking horse stallion, trained to ride. He will be gelded soon.

11-5-16-20This is Stormy, a miniature horse who is a stallion. He will be gelded soon.

11-5-16-21Eeyore is a very sweet donkey.  He is an in-tact jack and will be gelded soon.


Trooper is a very pretty Paint gelding.  He is a very sweet horse and loves attention.

11-5-16-23Bear is a 2 year old gelding who is so curious and will follow you around anywhere.  Such a big love!
11-5-16-24Poppet is a very cute miniature mare.  She is a bit shy, she has been through a lot in her life no doubt.

11-5-16-25Diamond is a very skinny, lame mare.  We are very worried about her.

11-5-16-26Bethlehem, aka Beth, is a 2 year old miniature mule.  She is so adorable!

11-5-16-27Latte is a 3 year old miniature mule.  She has beautiful coloring!