Take a look into our shelters

Did you know that we are the only open door horse welfare organization with shelters across the United States? Do you know that we help hundreds of horses every year? Our 3 shelters are busy every day caring for the horses. Lets take a look at what happened at our shelters yesterday.


California Shelter: Stitch had his tumors removed yesterday. He did very well. He had not one but two vets working on him and several extra hands. It’s too early to tell if we were successful at removing every part of the 3 large tumors. We do have a plan in place if they start to return. Over the next couple of weeks we will be focused on his recovery and signs of infection or regrowth of tumors. For now we are excited that he has a huge chance of being tumor free and healthy. Thank you to everyone that donated for his surgery bills.

CA Shelter Manager


Oklahoma Shelter: It was farrier day yesterday. Walker (bottom photo) was needing a trim before being adopted into his new home. He did great standing for the farrier considering it was only his second trim. He was rescued in July from an auction thanks to your donations. He often rests his head on your shoulder, while looking at you. Quite the character!
Lady was purchased a few weeks ago for $100. I knew she was in the slaughter price so I purchased her to save her from a potential kill buyer. She is less than 2 years old, and is looking for a home. She has great ground manners and I expect will be a great kids horse one day. Lady stands quietly for the farrier, letting him lift all her feet, clean and trim. She seems to prefer to look at him as he works on her.

OK Shelter Manager


 Tennessee Shelter: It was vet day yesterday and it was busy. 3 horses got dental work done and 4 gelding operations were done. The vet also saw all the horses, minis and the donkey that were saved from the auction. Trooper (left) got his dental work done he so badly needed, the vet aged him at 8 years old. I think that now that his teeth are better and he is getting good quality feed daily he should start gaining weight and filling out. Stormy (right) was the second gelding of the day. I did a silly little video of Stormy and Eeyore waking up from the operations, to watch it – Click Here. The horses are all doing well and by the end of the day the new geldings were feeling much better.

TN Shelter Manager