Oklahoma Shelter: Adoptions and more

Walker was scheduled to go to his new home today. I had the trailer hooked up and ready to go last night so I could leave right away this morning. Walker walked right in the trailer and as I shut the door, I felt bad that this was his first ride by himself, and I knew it would be a long one. So I decided to take Lady along as company for him.

Unfortunately I did not realize that a big college football game was happening that morning and I got stuck in traffic.

Once I was on the highway I enjoyed the view for many miles.

Once we arrived at Walkers new home, he hopped out with big, wide eyes. So many people were taking pictures of him and talking excitedly. You could tell he is going to get a lot of hugs and will enjoy his new home. We walked him over to where he would meet his “big brother” Storm. Storm was so excited! He ran and bucked and was full of joy. It had been years since he saw another horse.

Before I left, Walkers new family offered to let Lady get a drink of water before I headed back so I unloaded her and we walked to a water trough. She was very thankful as it was a long drive back. Then Walkers new owner started asking questions about her. Lady lived up to her name and was trying to win them over. And she did. Lady was adopted too!

I am so happy for both of these very deserving horses as they start their new life together with their new family and their “big brother”.

And then I started the drive back. And the whole time I was thinking about how just a few months ago, Walker was a wild, un-handled colt at an auction with an unknown fate. And today, he is a gelding and is known for great hugs and his easy going personality. And Lady was advertised for $100 online, also with an unknown fate. And now, they are in a great home together. As I watched the sun go down, I wondered what horses I would be saving next. We shall see…

I’m planning on going to an auction soon that always has a lot of horses and a lot of kill buyers ready to buy them. Between our CA and TN shelter we have already saved 12 from the slaughter pipeline this month, our goal this month is to save 20 from slaughter! With your help I can rescue 8 from the up coming  Oklahoma slaughter auction and that will make a total of 20 horses, ponies, mules and donkeys saved from slaughter this month.

Please give what you can, even $5 really helps and it all ads up.

Thank you so much for your support!
Shari Higginbotham
Oklahoma Shelter Manager