A Happy Rescue Story for Thanksgiving!

Hello Everyone,

This Thanksgiving I’m so thankful for so many things! I’m thankful for each person that has contributed to help horses in need, I’m thankful for all the people that work tirelessly at our shelters across the United States caring for hundreds of horses that come to us every year. I’m thankful for all the amazing adoptions we have had this year and I want to share a heart warming rescue and adoption story with you all.

It is the story of a little colt, Avatar, that we rescued from a slaughter auction in Oklahoma. He was only a few months old, scared and bewildered without his mom. He kept calling for her, but no soft nicker of comfort from his mom could be heard anywhere. Even foals are shipped to slaughter. If we had not been at the auction that night Avatar would have been purchased for slaughter by a kill buyer. Avatar would have been shipped to Mexico to be brutally killed and then processed for human consumption, but thanks to people like you we were able to save him from that horrible fate.

The day after the auction Avatar was settling in to our Oklahoma shelter and getting lots of love and attention. He was just a little baby and wanted comfort, assurance and to be loved. Poor little guy had been through so much in his short life.

Avatar needed medical care before he would be ready for adoption and he got all the care he needed. He was such a sweet little guy that everyone just had to love on him and brush him. He just loved all the attention and would get so relaxed when he was getting groomed that some times he would almost fall asleep. Everyone at our Oklahoma shelter fell in love with little Avatar.

Someone else was falling in love with Avatar, a family all the way up in New York. After the proper paperwork was done and the family was approved to adopt Avatar, a trailer came to take Avatar to his new home many miles away. It was a happy and sad day at our Oklahoma shelter. Sad, because this little guy had a special place in everyone’s heart and he was going to be really missed. Happy, because this little guy, who could have been killed in a slaughter house, was heading to a new home with a very bright future ahead of him.

Avatar arrived safely in New York. His new family fell in love with him instantly. Avatar settled in to his new home and enjoyed all the love and attention that was poured on him.

We just got an update on Avatar that made us all smile. “My husband and I adopted one of your horses last spring, Avatar. I wanted to let you know how well he is doing!!!! I’m attaching a recent picture next to one I took on the day he arrived. The change is astounding. He is growing up to be not only beautiful, but a very good-natured and sweet boy. We love him very much!”

Happy endings like this is exactly why all of us here at Horse Plus Humane Society work so hard to save the horses we do. This is why I ask for donations to save horses from slaughter auctions. Avatar is a very lucky horse, I have seen  thousands of horses at auctions, just like Avatar, that could have had a bright future. The only reason Avatar is living a wonderful life today is because of people like you, giving what they could.
This Saturday night we will be going to another slaughter auction in Oklahoma, with your help we can make more happy stories like Avatar’s happen, but we can’t do it with out you. Give Now – Click Here!

Thank You & Happy Thanksgiving!

Tawnee Preisner

Horse Plus Humane Society