The Auction Is Tonight – We Still Need $2,713 to Save Horses Tonight!

The auction will be starting shortly and we must raise $2,715 so we can save a total of 8 horses, ponies, mules and donkeys tonight from being shipped to slaughter. With your help we can do this! I will be sending out emails as the auction happens to keep you all up to date on what is happening and how many horses are there to be sold for slaughter. Our goal is to save 20 horses this month and we have already saved 12 from auctions this month. We have the funds to save 5 tonight so far and with your help we can raise all the needed funds and save a total of 20 horses this month from slaughter! Please help! For more information, click here.

Thank you for your support!

Tawnee Preisner – President

Please Help! Every Dollar Helps!