13 Safe at our Oklahoma Shelter – Saved from Slaughter

The 13 horses, ponies and donkey saved from the slaughter pipeline last night, are safe at our Oklahoma Shelter. Shari arrived at the shelter with the first load at almost 2:00 in the morning. After they were all eating, drinking and settled in for the night, Shari did a quick Live video, to watch it click here. Shari got a few hours of sleep and then hit the road again to get the second load of horses that were still at the auction. After driving the 4 hours to the auction and back, Shari got the second load of horses settled. She wanted to get photos of each of the horses, ponies and the donkey that was saved last night so I could share them with you, but there was no time as she had to go to work. She must be so tired today, she is an amazing person and does so much to help animals in need. Tomorrow Shari has off from work and the vet will be out to check each of the horses. We will be sending out an update with photos of all the horses, ponies and the donkey soon.

Thank you again for helping us save 25 from the slaughter pipeline this month!

Tawnee Preisner – President

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