Auction Rescue Update!

11 saved from the slaughter pipeline!
Thank You!!!

 I want to thank each and everyone who donated to help save horses from being shipped to slaughter last night. Your donations help save 11 precious lives from being shipped to slaughter!
 When I got to the auction I walked around to see how many horses were there and got a few photos that I could email out to our email list and ask for help to save the horses from a horrible fate.
  I headed back to my truck to send out an email. As you can see I’m really bundled up, it was really cold and raining on top of it. I got the email sent out and then headed back to the pens where the horses were waiting to be auctioned off.
I did a lot of Facebook Live videos hoping people would see the horses and donate to save them. We can only rescue horses if we have funds to buy them and give them the care they need. To watch this here.
It was after 9:00 pm when the auction was ready to start selling the horses. I often wonder why these kinds of horse auctions always start so late at night. I guess the kill buyers like it better that way, it helps keep what they are doing to horses more in the dark.
By the end of the auction I had saved 11 horses with the donated funds from all you amazing people out there. Sadly the kill buyer got 2 horses, I’m so thankful that he didn’t get the 11 that we saved thanks to your support.  We did another Facebook Live Video of the horses loading into our trailer. To watch it, click here.
I would like to introduce the 11 precious lives saved. They don’t have names yet, if you would like to help name them, go to our Facebook page and scroll down until you find the one you want to name and then make a comment and suggest a name. Go to our Facebook page, click here.
This little donkey is about a year old and he is so cute! He will be gelded soon.
This Mini Horse is such a cute little gelding and is said to be very good with kids.
This handsome little guy is still a stallion and will be gelded soon.
This pretty girl is just so beautiful! She is a 7 year old Spotted Saddle Horse and is trained to ride. We may already have a home lined up for her!
This big gelding is a very nice looking horse.
   This big girl is a Belgium cross mare in her teens.  She was owned by the Amish and was used as a plow/work horse.  When her work days were over, or they decided to get a younger horse, she was dumped into the slaughter pipeline.  I’m so glad she is safe!
This is a 5 year old Quarter Horse mare.  She is a purebred Quarter Horse with Hancook and Blue Valentine bloodlines.
This is a beautiful bay roan 3 year old, Quarter Horse, mare.  She is a purebred Quarter Horse with Hancook and Blue Valentine bloodlines. We may already have a home lined up for her!
  When I saw this guy at the auction, I was puzzled.  He was tied to the post but was acting like a wild horse snorting at everything. I tried to approach him, but he was too scared of me. I wondered how a horse that was so traumatized know how to stand tied at a post like a well trained horse. I walked around to look at the other horses and then came back to him. I knew that only the kill buyer would want a horse that was so scared of people. I spent a lot more time with him and was finally able to stroke his face he calm down a lot and his eyes begin to soften, fear was leaving him.  I found out that he had been terribly abused and I knew that we had to make sure he never was abused again.
This little baby mini mule is just way too cute and tiny. She is just so precious and adorable! We may already have a home lined up for her!
This poor guy has some really bad lameness going on in the joints of his pastern. It is painful for him, I heard that his owner took him to the auction because he was lame and he had no use for a lame horse. “He has got to go!” I found it so sad when horse owners take horses like him to auction to get a last buck out of them, with no thought for the horse.
Without people like you stepping up and giving what they can these horses would not have been saved. We can only rescue horses as funds allow and every dollar donated adds up and will do a lot of good for horses in need.

Thank you Again!

Tawnee Preisner
Horse Plus Humane Society