California Shelter: Adoptions, Updates and More

We’ve been pretty busy at the California Shelter and wanted to get some much needed updates out to all of you.  Journey, Sunny and Diamond the 3 horses you helped us save from auction last month are still at the shelter for very different reasons.


Journey was so scared for a few days following the auction.  She would hide behind her new friends Sunny and Diamond.  It took a lot of coaxing and patience to let her know we were not a threat to her.  Journey now welcomes being haltered and loves being scratched on her withers.  This young filly has come so far in such a short time.  She has such a beautiful flowing mane and tail.  She is now available for adoption.


Diamond was never shy.  She has really enjoyed all the attention.  The first morning after the auction we noticed she was not putting full weight on her front leg.  We pulled her out and noticed one of her shoes was not properly attached.  The farrier came right out and pulled her shoes and gave her a much needed trim.  She was a little sore for a couple of days but we are happy to report she is now running amuck in the field with her herd mates.  Diamond is a 20 year old Arab mare.  Don’t let her age fool you though.  This gal has a lot of get up and go still and is looking for her new home.


Sunny was obviously lame on her front leg the night of the auction.  We knew she was going to need to see the vet for a large hard lump under her left front knee.  You can see it in this photo.  She was in obvious pain.  The vet took one look at it and said it looks like a splint bone injury.  We are very worried about this sweet mare and already have additional vet appointments scheduled for her.  We are keeping her as comfortable as we can through pain management and limiting her turn-out time.  We are trying to remain optimistic about her rehabilitation.


Maggie a cute little quarter pony cross and Copper a Tennessee Walker cross were adopted together.  We are so happy for both of them.


Late last month we got a call from Placer County Animal Control.  They wanted to donate several horse blankets to our shelter.  Tanya went to pick them up thinking it was just a couple blankets.  She filled her backseat.


But it didn’t stop there.  Placer County Animal Control came out with another large load of blankets in their laundry cart on wheels.  Soon Tanya’s trunk was filled too.  Thank you Placer ACO for keeping all of our horses warm this winter.


We have a little update on Stitch too.  His recovery from surgery on the removal of several sarcoids was phenomenal.  He never had any swelling or any signs of infection.  This horse has the biggest will to survive that I’ve ever seen.  He has been released back to full duty and for the first time since landing at our shelter he was allowed in the big turn-out with friends.  Stitch looks so small next to his new friends.


We also had a few new arrivals this month.  Willow is a grade 10 year quarter horse.  She is broke to ride and can’t wait for us to come get her from the field.  We were told she was versed on pole and barrel patterns.  One ride and we knew Willow was a little rockstar.  She has the whole package, a great love for people and even better under saddle.  She is available for adoption.


Shotgun is a registered Quarter Horse.  He is a 6 year old gelding.  He is also broke to ride.   he did very well under saddle and we can tell his previous owners really loved him.  He’s very light and acts like a show horse.  He is somewhat of a goofball.  He likes pulling my hat off my head while I groom him.  This guy does get bored in a stall so toys are a must with him.  Even a empty bucket will keep him entertained for hours.  He is available for adoption.


This is GoGo.  She is a registered paint mare.  She is 10 years old.  We were told she was started under saddle but has not had a first ride yet.  She is very smart and willing.  She loves to be haltered and lead around.  She has been in the round pen and lunged like a pro.  I think she will be a dream to train.  This sweet girl is always first at the fence and she whinnies for attention.  She is available for adoption.


Thank you all for your continued support.  Our three shelters would not have been able to save 25 horses in November without all of you!

Melissa Reali – CA Shelter Manager

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