TN Blog: We go to the State Capital to fight in the war against soring

Thursday was going to be a busy day in Nashville, Kimberly and I started out on the road to go to the Department of Agriculture and the Governor’s Office. A proposal was made that tax dollars should go to protect the big lick industry. Citizens Against “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty did a petition and asked we our Facebook fans to sign a petition asking that tax dollars not be used for the big lick horse industry. The signatures were going to be hand delivered to the Department of Agriculture and the Governor’s Office and we were going to be a part of it.

The first stop was at the state Agricultural Department which is in a very impressive old building.

Over 6000 people had signed the petition and now copies were going to be hand-delivered.

Citizens Against “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty organized the petition and put them all together to deliver to the officials. We really hope that these binders filled with signatures will make a difference on the abuse happening to horses in Tennessee.

I showed the deputy commissioner pictures of Skywalk Magical Dream’s severe injuries, hair loss and open wounds from chemical burns that he received from soaring. This abuse must be stopped, it is outrageously horrible and cruel.

From the department of agriculture Kimberly and I headed to the capital to deliver the signatures to the governors office.

I really truly hope that these binders of signatures will make a difference.  The abuse these horses endure is absolutely horrendous and I hope that someday soon it will be put to an end.

The petition and signatures were hand-delivered to Gov Haslam, Director of Constituent Services and Community Relations. The Capitol building is a very old and historical building, the painting on the wall caught my eye….

12-9-16-7A Tennessee Walking Horse being held by a slave, with their master standing by.  So much unjustness has happened here in the south, and it continues to happen to Tennessee Walker horses today. Thankfully slavery has been abolished, after slavery was gone it seems the torture turned to the Tennessee Walking Horse.

In the Governor’s office I described the abuse these horses go through and why this practice must be put to an end. To watch the video, click here.

I described the horrible abuse that Skywalk Magical Dream endured. I hear time and time again that this doesn’t happen anymore but I wanted to make sure the governor’s office knew that this is happening and I’m rescuing horses from auctions that are scarred and abused.


Kimberly was doing a live video on our Facebook page, and at the end of the visit I described what was going on. To watch it, click here.

Next we headed to The Tennessean newspaper.  We were hoping to meet up with the reporter to talk with them about the events of the day.  The reporter was out, but I decided to ask for an archived newspaper.

I had heard from our vet that Skywalks Magical Dream’s story made front page of the newspaper. I had not seen the newspaper itself, just read the story on the internet. When the lady handed me the newspaper I was a little shocked. We really did make the front page of the paper in full color. Wow!

I was really happy when I saw that they had a picture of Skywalks Magical Dream’s fresh chemical burns. These pictures need to be seen, people need to know that this isn’t something that happened a long time ago, it’s happening now today and horses are still being tortured. It was a really great article and I am very happy that it made the front page of the paper, the more I can be a voice for the horses that cannot speak for themselves the better!

To read the article about Skywalks Magical Dream, click here.

Thank you for your amazing support in this fight against horse abuse and cruelty.

Tawnee Preisner
Horse Plus Humane Society