Update: The 3 horses are safe at our TN Shelter

Again I want to thank everyone for stepping forward to help save the three horses that were in jeopardy of being sent to slaughter.  When I arrived this morning to pick them up, I realized the gelding was not a gelding, but a stallion.  Soon I put together that the trio was probably a family.  Daddy, mommy and son.  I did a live video introducing them, to watch it, click here.

I tried to get pictures, but the lighting was horrible under the dark barn roof.  It was really not conducive to taking quality photos.

They all loaded up safely, and soon we were back at the shelter.  The mare is very leery and nervous, but calmed down a lot with some volunteers spending time with her.  She is such a pretty horse, it’s hard to see under her winter coat, but she is rather thin.

The baby, who is not halter trained, is quite the cutey too.  He didn’t want to hold still for his picture at all, and this is the best one I managed to get.  He was so curious of his new surroundings, he didn’t want to hold still at all.

The stallion was very interested in checking out the smells and nibbling on the grass.  He too is thin under his winter coat.  They all need groceries!  I got the stallion in a separate pen, and then…

…mommy and baby got to be in another pen.  They were very happy to have space to stretch their legs and started running around with joy and delight.  I’m not exactly sure what breed these horses are.  They are gaited, but there are so many breeds, varieties, and half breeds of gaited horses back here in Tennessee, I’m still trying to learn all the intricacies between these gaited horses. We rarely rescued gaited horses at our California shelter.

The vet is scheduled to come out Monday to do gelding operations, teeth floating, whatever they need.  After their quarantine they will be available for adoption.  If you are interested in adopting any of them, please email us!

These horses are on Facebook right now, and we are asking for name suggestions.  If you would like to help name them, please go to our Facebook page by clicking here, and suggest a name.  The name with the most likes that is appropriate will be chosen.  After you post your name suggestion, ask all your friends to like your name suggestion!

Thank you again for your support!  Thanks to you, these three precious lives are saved from shipping to slaughter.

Tawnee Preisner