2016 Shelter Stats | How many animals did we help in 2016?

Our 2016 Shelter statistics have been compiled from our 3 shelters.

We helped a total of 387 animals in 2016.  354 equines, 5 goats, 19 fowl, 5 cats and 4 dogs.  That is a lot of animals that needed our help, and we couldn’t have helped them without you.  We had 139 adoptions.  We are so happy that so many animals found their forever homes in 2016.

We offer end of life services at every one of our shelters for those animals and their owners who cannot afford the high cost at most veterinarians.  Our year end statistics do include animals that were surrendered for euthanasia.  Most rescues and shelters do not include unadoptable animals in their statistics, but we believe in complete transparency and have included all of the animals we brought into our shelters, including those surrendered specifically for the Last Act of Kindness program.  For more information on that program, click here.

Our California shelter, which has been operating since 2003, took in 138 animals.  114 equines, 5 goats and 19 fowl all found shelter at our CA shelter.  They had a total of 52 adoptions.  They had 61 end of life services given to animals who were suffering.  The California shelter has 25 animals in its care currently and is looking for adoptive homes!  If you would like to adopt, please contact them: cashelter@horsehumane.org.

Our Tennessee shelter, which is still being set up, sheltered 88 animals last year.  79 equines, 5 cats and 4 dogs.   They had 37 adoptions.   End of life services were given to 23 horses.  The Tennessee shelter has 37 animals in its care currently and is looking for adoptive homes!  If you would like to adopt, please contact them: tnshelter@horsehumane.org.

Our Oklahoma shelter sheltered 54 equines, 16 of which were from 1-Day Open Door shelters.  They had 23 adoptions, and 20 end of life services, which includes horses that were surrendered for euthanasia at the 1-Day Open Door Shelters.  The Oklahoma shelter has 11 animals in its care currently and is looking for adoptive homes!  If you would like to adopt, please contact them: okshelter@horsehumane.org.

We did a 1-Day Open Door Shelter in Wisconsin, and 56 horses were surrendered.  We offered end of life services and 29 horses were humanely euthanized due to old age, pain and chronic health issues.  27 horses were found to be adoptable and placed with rescues in Wisconsin.  The 1-Day Open Door Shelters were made possible by generous grants from the Watershed Animal Fund.

We held a national gelding program, thanks to a grant from the ASPCA.  51 stallions were gelded through our gelding assistance program.  We hope to secure funding for more gelding assistance and are so thankful that those 51 stallions are now geldings.  In addition to the 51 stallions that were gelded, our shelters also gelded 23 stallions between the 3 shelters.  None of the funds from the ASPCA grant were used to geld stallions at the shelters, so in total we gelded 74 stallions in 2016!

Since we started rescuing in 2003, we have sheltered 4,691 animals!  We primarily shelter horses, and that is a huge accomplishment, and we could only do it with your continued support.


Our approximate financial report is finished for 2016 as well.  Thanks to your support, we have never had a better financial year.  With operating 3 shelters across the United States, your support is crucial!


We have a community of small donors who all come together to make a huge difference.  Our organization is built on a foundation of everyone doing what they can.  Together we saved so many animals last year, and together, we will save so many more this year!  Your support is truly helping horses across the United States.