Oklahoma Shelter: Unexpected Vet Day

Tuesday started out as any other day does, feeding and watering the horses and ponies. But it quickly turned into a vet day. Gilligan was not putting any weight on his right hind leg. I led him out of the pasture and called the vet. I was fearing the worst for him.

Turns out it was just a bad abscess, but he had to be given some medication so we could look at it closer as he was in so much pain. Money Penny was worried about her friend Gilligan so I brought her out so she could see that he was going to be okay.

The vet had a very strong Epsom salt rub and Poultice for the hoof.


Then he applied it to Gilligans hoof. Gilligan was such a good patient.


The vet got Gilligan’s hoof all wrapped up. He prescribed some Bute which is a pain killer and gave me some supplies to be able to re-wrap it when necessary.


Gilligan is much more comfortable with the abscess gone now and it should be all healed soon.

While the vet was working on Gilligan we had a potential adopter show up to look at Lady. When they told me they were looking for a pet that was friendly as a companion to their older horse, I suggested looking at Zeus also. Zeus is now in adoption pending!

Later in the day I caught Lady taking a nap in the sun.

Then Romeo came over…

Lady was not so happy to be disturbed by Romeo. Romeo and Lady are just about the same age at 2 years old and Romeo enjoys playing more than Lady.

He kept pestering her to play with him and it worked! He got her to get up and run around. Silly boy!

If you played along with our Facebook quiz posted yesterday, the answer is Zeus and Rocky. Zeus is the larger pony and Rocky is the smaller one. All the horses in today’s blog are in need of homes still, with the exception of Zeus who is in adoption pending. To apply to adopt, please click here.

Thank you all for your support!

Shari Higginbotham
Oklahoma Shelter Manager
Horse Plus Humane Society

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