California Shelter: A Sink Hole!!

1-Day Open Door Shelter
We are very excited to announce that we will be holding a 1-Day Open Door Shelter for horses at the Placer County Fairgrounds on February 19th.  This event is made possible by the Watershed Animal Fund.  We are looking for volunteers to help trailer horses to the event whose owners cannot bring them.  We will be reimbursing fuel costs to volunteers.  If you are interested in helping, or have questions, please email Larry – Visit the event Facebook page, click here.

California Shelter Blog

Our week started really well. This amazing couple adopted Spice. They are newer horse owners and Spice is the perfect horse for them. She has amazing training and knows more than some top dollar horses. We look forward to many updates and sharing our expertise with this newly formed family. Congratulations Spice!

The next morning I was supposed to meet one of our board members Larry at the Placer County Fairgrounds to assess what would be needed for our upcoming One Day Shelter. The weather here in California had different plans for my morning. A scheduled delivery of muck buster arrived at the shelter and…

Soon the driver found himself in a sink hole. The ground appeared solid with the asphalt gravel but when he started the turn to the roundabout the back wheels of the dump truck were sucked into the ground.

 I knew right away we were not going to be able to get this truck and trailer out with our small equipment.

 We had to have a large tow truck come out. The tow driver backed his truck up and started assessing the situation.

 Both drivers discussed the best way to avoid driving back through the now 4’x 6′ sink hole in the ground that was about 3′ deep. It didn’t take long for the tow driver to come up with a plan. He got right to work. It was fun to watch how everything worked.

  Everyone was excited when the dump truck was back on solid ground.

  We found a safer place to dump the wood chips for this load.

  A few hours later I returned from town to find the shelters from the pasture blocking the road. We had wind gusts up to 60 mph. The 3 foot deep anchors to the shelter were no match for high winds and over saturated grounds.

  Today has been a much better day. Rory a dog surrendered to the shelter and currently available for adoption made the rounds with me to feed and water the animals. She really wanted to ride in the UTV with me.

  After the chores were done we let some of the horses into the soggy turnout for exercise. I don’t think they minded the mud at all. They were just enjoying being out of the stalls.

  Of course Sierra and Stitch kept coming to the fence begging for treats. Pictures turn out so much better when I’m holding carrots.

 The last carrot was handed out and I told Rory that it was now time to go inside and work on our blog.

I’d like to thank everyone again for the donations made to help us repair and replace some of the shelters these storms have destroyed. There is no us without you.

~Melissa Reali
California Shelter Manager.