California Shelter: Recovering from all the rain

Before we get into our CA shelter blog, here is an update about the Oklahoma slaughter auction that will be happening this weekend. Tawnee has been fundraising and right now there is enough funds raised to rescue and care for 4 horses.  Please do what you can to help save horses that will be at the Oklahoma shelter auction this weekend. Every dollar helps!

Anthony came out again today on his day off to help at the shelter. We started the day filling the UTV with feed for the horses.

While feeding we noticed the neighbors cleared their culvert and water was again flowing through our small animal area. This is the only area that had remained somewhat dry during resents storms.


  We decided to let the small animals out of their area while we fed the horses. The pigs wanted to help. They followed us around the whole property.


The horses were very curious of the pigs. Not everyone enjoyed them as much as this sweet gelding. He even let them nibble his breakfast.


After we finished feeding we started spreading muckbuster through all the heavy mud areas. Anthony filled the cart while I spread it out.


Anthony hand dug a small trench to keep the water from flowing to the small animal area and then we laid muckbuster in their enclosure to keep them out of the mud.


While Anthony and I were working a couple volunteers helped to groom the muck out of the horses. Diamond really enjoyed all the attention.


We were not as successful clearing the water from the pigs side of the small animal area. For now we set them up inside the mare motel in mini panels. They weren’t thrilled about having to be locked up after a day frolicking the whole property but were happy they are at least dry and cozy again.

8Please remember the auction rescue in Oklahoma this month.  We can’t save lives without your help!  Thank you so much for your support.

~Melissa Reali
California Shelter Manager