Oklahoma Shelter: Preparing for the auction rescue

The auction I will be going to is this weekend, we just now have enough funds to rescue 4 horses in need.  I know that there will be close to 100 horses at this auction, and I’m so thankful I know I can save 4, but I have room to save a lot more!  I hate seeing horses load up on the kill truck that I could have saved, but didn’t have the funds for.   Please donate, it really does make a difference!

With the auction this weekend I had to prepare for the new rescues by moving panels around.  First I had to move Rocky the small pony out to the pasture, and the first horses he met were Walnut, Velvet and Romeo.

And then he realized he could run, and run he did!

I don’t have many panels yet and have to make do with what I have.  I took them down and took them into the pasture.

Walnut is a very friendly and curious yearling.

He followed me the entire time I was putting the pen together. He is such a silly and handsome guy that I am shocked no one has adopted him yet.

Velvet was too busy eating to care what the panels were there for. Little did she know that she would soon be in the pen.


Velvet needed some basic lessons.

Lifting feet is a must for a horse and Velvet is still learning to do that. She was a good girl and did good with her lessons.

The horses from the last auction are such a nice group of horses.

Please remember the auction is this weekend. I hope to do a live Facebook feed from the auction. If you can’t donate, then please share. Every dollar helps to save a life.  See you Saturday night on Facebook live!

Shari Higginbotham
Oklahoma Shelter Manager