Oklahoma Shelter: 18 Lives saved! Part 1

We would like to send a huge Thank You to each and every person who donated to make the mission of saving these horses and donkeys possible.  18 precious lives were saved thanks to you!  9 donkeys and 9 horses were saved from the cruelty of slaughter this weekend!  Shari is very busy caring for them, but we wanted to send you a quick email so you can meet the first group that arrived at our Oklahoma shelter.  They are settling in and are all quite happy.  The next email from our Oklahoma shelter will be about the 2nd group.


The first group of horses are posted on Facebook and we are asking for name suggestions.  Please give us your name suggestions on our Facebook page by clicking here.  The comment with the most likes that is appropriate will be that horses name!  Ask your friends to like your name suggestion to get the most likes.  The vet will be out Wednesday and we will get their ages and more descriptions, but for now we would like to show you pictures of the first group.  Most of this information comes from the auction receipt and the details may change upon evaluation.

This is the only gelding in the group.  He is a very handsome guy!


The next horse we have been able to find a little history on.  She was sold at a higher class auction in September 2012.  She is a registered Quarter Horse, named Hancocks Arrow.  She is almost 20 years old.

2-M-1She is definitely a lot skinnier now than she was in that picture.  We hope we can get her looking like that again soon.

2-M   This is a pretty mare, she definitely needs a makeover.
3-M  This is girl is pretty too.

4-M  This mare has a very long, matted mane that will be fixed up soon.  We know she is going to enjoy all the attention.

5-MThis mare is just stunning.  Her markings are so gorgeous!

6-MZan Parr Squaw is a registered Quarterhorse mare who is 17 years old.

7-MThis poor girl needs some more weight, but otherwise she is a very pretty and sweet horse.

Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page and suggest names for these beautiful horses!  Keep an eye for part 2 of the Oklahoma Auction Rescue blog where you will meet the rest.

Thank you for all your support!
Shari Higginbotham
Oklahoma Shelter Manager