Oklahoma Shelter: 18 Lives saved! Part 2

All the horses and donkeys from the Oklahoma Slaughter Auction are safe at our Oklahoma Shelter now.  You met the first group in the last blog, if you missed that click here.  This blog we would like to introduce the rest of them!

This stallion is settling in at the shelter.  When Shari saw him at the auction, she knew no one but a kill buyer would want him…


…his front left leg is deformed from an old injury that is causing chronic pain and lameness.  It’s so sad when owners dump horses like this at auctions, as only kill buyers would buy them.  If only horse owners would be more responsible with their horses! The vet will be evaluating him and we are hoping for the best, we are glad that we could save him from the horrors of the slaughter house.

2-2-17-10The donkeys were happy to get out of the trailer after their ride to the shelter.  They are so cute and little!


We would like to introduce them to you, and remind you that they are on our Facebook page looking for names!  To help name them, please go to our Facebook page by clicking here.  We plan on transferring the miniature donkeys to our California shelter for adoption in a couple weeks after their quarantine.

This is a very cute jenny.  Most of the jennys are most likely pregnant as they were in a herd with jack donkeys.


This is a standard size donkey jenny.

2-2-17-3  This is one of the miniature jack donkeys.  His coloring is beautiful.

This little guy is the youngest mini donkey in the group.  We are estimating his age between 6-12 months old.

2-2-17-4  This jenny is very friendly and likes attention.


This is another jenny, she is cute and tiny.


We believe this jenny is close to her due date.  She definitely has the baby bump going on.


This is a jack donkey.  All the jack donkeys will be gelded soon.

2-2-17-8  Shari has been very busy caring for the 18 horses and donkeys that were rescued last weekend thanks to your donations!  She plans on having a blog out at the beginning of next week all about the auction rescue.  Again, we want to thank each and every person who donated to make this auction rescue possible.  We couldn’t have done it without you and your support!