Oklahoma shelter: Volunteer Day, Auction Rescue and More

The January auction day started out very busy. I had planned on cutting down several trees to make a clearing for some new pens, but then an amazing volunteer offered to use their tractor.

The tractor pushed down around 25 trees and I used the chainsaw on another 10.

At the end of the day we had cleared out a large area for future pens. We still have a lot more trees to remove, but this is a huge help. If you know of any companies that could donate the use of a bulldozer, we would be incredibly grateful!

By 3:30 we were done and I had to hook up my truck to the trailer to leave for the auction. I had another volunteer offer to go with me and I was very excited about that. The auction is several hours from the shelter and I get to watch the sunset while I drive to it.

Once at the auction I did a live Facebook video updating our fans on the rescue in progress.  If you missed that, click here.


After the auction when the horses were safely in the trailer I did another live video feed introducing some of them.  To watch that video, click here.


 We saved an incredible 18 lives that night thanks to your donations. My truck is not strong enough to pull all 18 at 1 time, and the trailer is not big enough to haul them either, so we brought the first 8 horses home and the second group was moved in another trip. Let me introduce you to them.

Espero is a 17 yr old gelding that is trained to ride. He is a little shy but allows himself to be haltered without any fuss.

Harrow is a friendly, registered AQHA 20yr old Mare. She is trained to ride but needs to gain weight.

Hope is a 2 1/2 year old filly. She is halter broke.

Snickers is a 3 1/2 year old mare that is trained to ride.

Ginger is a 10 yr old mare that is halter broke. She is too thin to test under saddle right now.

Prisha is a 7 yr old paint mare that was rode through the auction. She had a lot of interest at first, but is still not adopted.

Zanna is a 17 yr old AQHA mare that is trained to ride. She is very friendly.

Gypsy is a 4 yr old mare that is not halter trained.

Soldier is an adult stallion that is not halter trained.

When I saw him at auction I could tell right away something was seriously wrong with his twisted leg, and I knew that only a kill buyer would want him.

Piper is a female donkey.

S’mores is a young paint donkey male.

Sadie is a female donkey.

Truffles is a female donkey.

Percy is a male donkey.

 Penelope is a female donkey. She is already adopted to a previous adopter, just waiting for her ride home.

Tinkerbell is a female donkey.

Petunia is a female donkey. Petunia is also adopted already!

Peanut is a male donkey.

Thank you to all of the donors for saving these equines. Now we need to get them into good homes. If you are interested in adopting one of them, please email: okshelter@horsehumane.org

Shari Higginbotham
Oklahoma Shelter Manager