California Shelter: Welcomes an Adoption Specialist to the Team

We are very excited to announce that we have hired a part time professional horse trainer to be our horse trainer, evaluator and Adoption Specialist to help increase adoptions at our California shelter. This was made possible by you, our supporters. Horse Trainers are very important for horses in transition. Horses are often given up due to lack of training or behavior issues. Having a Horse Trainer/Adoption Specialist will greatly increase adoptions at our California Shelter.

398663_2537884016512_933155883_nSarah Cobos will be working with our sheltered horses, with a goal of helping them become highly adoptable. She will help match adopters with the right horse for that adopter. All adopters will have access to a 1 hour complimentary session with Sarah and their new horse at the time of adoption. She will also be available to adopters if they have questions about their adopted horse in the future.

Sarah is not a stranger to our organization, in 2014 she was a contestant in our Extreme Rescue Makeover Trainers Challenge. She did not win that event, but she had a great connection with the horse she competed with and did a great job training him.


Sarah says she has loved and wanted horses since she could remember. Although growing up they didn’t have the money for lessons or to own, her mom bought her every book or video she could find. Sarah was very happy to finally own her own horse and she started working for a training, boarding and lesson facility. Before long her talent of training horses started taking off. After several years of horse training, Sarah saw that we were having another Extreme Rescue Makeover competition.  She talked to her boss and mentor, and then she entered the event. She was so very excited to be a competitor that win or not she knew it was going to be an experience of a life time for her.

We know that Sarah will be a great asset to our California shelter. Our goal for 2017 for our California shelter is to adopt 65 horses into the right homes, and we know that with Sarah’s help we can meet our goal!


Thank you all for your support, both financial and emotional.