Tennessee Shelter: Adoptions and Mud

It was a chilly day when Shelby came out to groom the horses.  Dream absolutely loves all the attention, he is such a beautiful boy inside and out.  Many of you will remember him as the one I saved with stacks and chains on at the auction.  Those days are long behind him now and he is officially barefoot and loving life.  We have not ridden him yet, just letting him sit back and enjoy being a horse.  We plan on working with him soon and re-educating him to be a nice trail horse.

We definitely have experienced a lot of mud setting up the shelter.  There’s several water courses that go through the shelter when it rains.  With time we will get them ditched and flowing through without causing so much mud.  Chandler never complains and is doing such a great job on the fencing.

We had a few trainers interview for the Trainer and Adoption Specialist position.  We had over 30 applicants, and it was so tough choosing the perfect trainer with so many qualified people wanting the job.

Parcey’s highlight of his life is when the tractor brings a round bale of hay into the pasture.  He gets so excited and runs beside the tractor bucking and kicking, then runs alongside the bale and gets some fast food.  He also likes rubbing his body into the bale, scratching those itches that he can’t get to any other way.  He’s such a silly boy!

With all the mud comes the need to control the mud in the parking lot and driveway.  By next winter the ground will have settled and the driveways and parking lot should be solid.  The dump truck got stuck our the driveway up to his axles bringing a load in.  The tractor had no problem pulling him out.

All the cats at our shelter have been adopted!  We are so happy for them!

Lady was adopted and Darin transported her to her new home.  Her new mom had been waiting quite awhile to be able to bring her home, and was so happy when Lady got out of the trailer at her home.

We were very excited to find the perfect trainer, and welcome Kristen to our team.  She’s very talented and a hard worker.  She is very good with horses, and runs her own training business.  We plan on having our business hours opening in March with 3 days a week.  Right now Kristen is working with the horses, and we should have a number of very nice riding horses ready for adoption for our target opening.

Flashy was adopted by one of our board members, Sue!  We are so happy for him and know he is going to have an excellent home.

Thank you all for your support, we greatly appreciate it!
Tawnee Preisner