California Shelter: Lambs, Horses and More

These sweet little babies were in desperate need of attention. A person was given two very emaciated animals, a sheep and a goat. One had babies at her side and the other delivered shortly after arrival to their new home. All the babies were struggling to survive as neither mom could adequately supply the nutrients for their newborns. The vet was contacted and the person did not feel confident in caring for all these tiny animals. They agreed to bring them to our facility to allow us to work with the vet in saving them. One of the baby goats had passed away before arriving. The other baby goat passed within hours of arrival. We were left with 3 lambs that needed round the clock care.

It was touch and go the first three days. They all were very lethargic and not eating nearly enough to thrive. Getting their scours under control was crucial to their survival. After several days of two hour feedings and medications to help their digestive systems we were finally out of the woods. This is their first time outdoors. They sure loved nibbling the blades of grass and jumping around. It has been just over two weeks and they are all back home with their new family and their mom. They are all doing great. We are so thankful that this family reached out for help.

Amanda spent some time trying to brush some gnarly knots out of Betty’s mane and tail. This winter sure has been rough on these beautiful animals. Amanda got out all of the knots and spent some time just loving on little Betty. This sweet little mare really sucks up all the attention from everyone.

The following day the farrier came out and our resident Dennis did not behave very well. When he was done getting his front feet trimmed he took advantage of all the movement switching to his back feet and he bolted away. He didn’t get too far. He stopped at all the yummy green grass and that’s where Melissa and Tanya grabbed him and told him he needed to be a good boy and finish his pedicure.

The One Day Shelter for California was planned for February 19th but with all the recent rains and evacuations we had to reschedule it for March 5th. The fairgrounds needed to keep the facility available for evacuees. Our staff knew not everyone would get the message regarding the new date so we were all on standby ready to receive any horses that showed up to the fairgrounds. This beautiful mare was the first horse to show to up.

We had a total of 15 horses come in on the original scheduled date. I’m so happy we were ready to accept them all at the California Shelter. This pretty girl was very well loved. Her owner was in tears leaving her. We exchange a small hug and we assured him she was in good hands.

Tina of A Grazing Grace and one of our BOD came to help for the day. You never know what you will get with Tina showing up but you can always bet she will be the life of the party. She got a flat on her horse trailer but nothing will keep her down. She even posed for this photo.

After a week of rain it was nice to see all the horses soaking up the warm sun.

Thank you for you support!
Melissa Reali – CA Shelter Manager