From Tawnee | Update on the huge auction rescue

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to send you a quick update, all 43 horses, donkeys, ponies and the mule are safe at our Tennessee shelter. Yes I said 43, when we got our receipt there was only 42 animals listed, and we thought we had won the bid on 43 not 42. Turned out that they put one of our horses on the wrong bidding number, but the good thing was she ended up in the auction pen with all of our horses and was safe. We paid for her, and another receipt was given to us.

All day Wednesday we were moving them the 2 1/2 hour one way trip to our Tennessee shelter.  It took 3 trailer loads to move them all, that was a lot of driving. I made it to the Tennessee shelter at 11:30pm with the last load of donkeys last night. The night before I was up till after 1:30 am because the auction ran so late.
Today was a very busy day, the vet came out and we gelded 15 donkeys and got their hooves trimmed. Most of the donkeys are not halter trained and this made the job very difficult. We had a great team of volunteers and staff to help get the big job done. The veterinarian also floated teeth, did pregnancy checks, lameness exams, and the list goes on… I would tell you more about it, but I am so very tired tonight and am going to get some much-needed sleep.
Tomorrow doesn’t look like it’s going to be any slower as we have to go out and try to rescue a horse that is going to be shot if we cannot catch it, the people are moving and it has to be gone from the property. The horse is only supposed to be 6 years old.

Below are photos from today.

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Thank you so much!
                           Tawnee Preisner | President