Oklahoma Shelter: New Trainer and More!

The 1-Day Open Door Shelter for Horses in Oklahoma is this Sunday. It looks like it will be busy, but not as busy as our California 1-Day Shelter for Horses. For more information about the Oklahoma event, click here.

We hired our first trainer in Oklahoma! I’m very happy with Taylor, she will be helping the horses get adopted faster, which means we can save more precious lives.

She is really good with the horses, and I can see a lot of improvements with the horses already.

Apache was quite curious about her when he first met her. Taylor enjoyed meeting all the horses and the horses soon realize that she had horse cookies hiding in her pockets.

Taylor has been working with Velvet. Velvet knows how to neck rein, but is getting a refresher course. She is 4 years old and should be a great trail horse for an experienced rider.

Arrowhead has been getting some desensitizing training, he sure looks silly with a cloth on his head.

Catching the horses can be quit a task some days, but with Taylor and volunteers and good panel pens it makes it much easier.  With the burn ban we can not burn the large piles of downed trees. If anyone would like free firewood, please email okshelter@horsehumane.org  We would really like to get rid of the piles so we can set the pens up.  You can see one of the piles behind this pen.

We had several volunteers show up in the last few weeks. The horses love the attention.

Lady is a very calm, sweet, 2 year old that is still waiting for a home. She stands for the farrier, and for kisses.

We had a 5 day old Yorkshire piglet surrendered to us. He wasn’t doing good at his old home and his owners feared he would die, so they brought him to us hoping we could help him. He is now known as Wilson.  I transported Wilson to our CA shelter so he could be adopted.  I also took some of the donkeys from the last auction to the CA shelter.

Thank you so much for your support, both financially and emotionally – Shari, Oklahoma Shelter Manager