1-Day Open Door Shelter – Oklahoma Report

The Oklahoma 1-Day Open Door Shelter for Horses was held on April 2nd.  As the event is an Open Door Free Surrender event we never know how many horses will be surrendered that day. Due to previous 1-Day Open Door Shelter for Horses in Oklahoma, we were guessing it would be smaller than our last event in California where over 100 horses were surrendered at the event.  A total of 10 horses were surrendered at this 1-Day Open Door shelter, we are so thankful that their owners did the right thing and brought them to the shelter!

We had a great group of people helping with setup and before long the doors were ready to be opened.

Soon people started pulling up to the fairgrounds to surrender their horses.  We are so thankful for these events that give options to horse owners who are in situations where they can no longer keep their horses.

The arena in the fairgrounds was set up with multiple different pens to hold horses.

The horses were comfortable and happy in the pens.  The weather turned nasty and it rained part of the day, so it was definitely nice to be in a covered arena.

Through the day people stopped in to see what was happening at the event and meet the horses. The horses enjoyed all the interaction.

There was a lot of horses in their thirties that were surrendered by their owners. Their owners were requesting the Last Act of Kindness, they knew it was time to say goodbye. We see so many horses surrendered at the 1-Day Open Door Shelters that need humane euthanasia. Many times owners have horses that are suffering and need humane euthanasia but sadly they do not have the funds to cover the high cost of euthanasia and burial. It is sad, but we are thankful that these suffering horses are given the last act of kindness.

This horse had an old injury that was causing him a lot of pain. When the veterinarian examined it he said there was nothing that could be done, except to relieve his suffering by giving him the last act of kindness.

The horses were all evaluated and all adoptable horses were transferred to adoption partners.

We give each adoption partner $150 per horse to help with the intake cost of that horse.

We would like to thank the participating adoption partners who took adoptable horses into their program. ZAR Horse Rescue and Nexus Equine participated in the event.

If you are interested in having us hold a 1-Day Open Door Shelter in your area and are willing to act as the local host, please contact us.  A huge Thank You goes to the Right Horse Initiative for providing the financial resources to hold the 1-Day Shelters.