From Tawnee – Help us save horses from the slaughter pipeline

Hello Everyone,

    The auction is tomorrow, and we are busy making plans and arrangements in anticipation of the horses that we will be rescuing from the auction tomorrow. At the auction we will be attending tomorrow there is generally 100+ horses, most are shipped to slaughter and can be tracked in the slaughter pipeline to feedlots where they end up in Pennsylvania and ultimately to Canada to be slaughtered and processed for human consumption. We hope to save as many horses as we can from that horrible fate, and I’m counting on you to make there safety possible. We will be taking 3 trailers this time, in March we rescued over 40 horses and donkeys and had to make multiple trips. Over 20 have already been adopted! Our adoption specialist is doing a fabulous job working with the horses that are in transition, training them or giving them a refresher course and matching them with the right homes.

I want to tell you a story about one horse we rescued back in November of 2016. His name was Soquili. The story of how he ended up at the auction is unknown, but the fact that he was at the auction with the slaughter trucks waiting to load up horses was a clear indication that his fate would have been sealed if we were not there to save him. When he came into the auction ring, the kill buyers started bidding on him but I wasn’t going to let them get him, I outbid them all to save him from that horrible fate. After the auction he was standing in the corner seeming sad and rejected.  It was clear that he didn’t know what his future held and he was giving up hope.

I went up to him and gave him a big hug, then held his head and spoke softly to him. I told him that everything was okay, and he would not be loading up on the kill buyer’s trailer.

You could see the peace and relief in his eyes, he was desperate for somebody to give him comfort and assurance that it was going to be ok.

After Soquili came to our shelter our veterinarian examined him. He needed dental work done, he had several sharp jagged edges on his teeth that were gouging into his gums and causing a lot of pain. Soquili recovered fully from his teeth problems and gained weight and started looking like a healthy horse again.  

Soquili enjoyed lots of trail rides and he was such a gentle horse that anyone could ride him. Our trainer/adoption specialist, Kristen, believed that he may have been used on guided trail rides.

Kristen started working hard to find Soquili the right home. Last month the right home was finally found, a very loving family was looking for a horse and Soquili was the right horse for them! They really fell in love with him and were so excited to adopt him. Just look at all the smiles in this adoption photo.  Soquili was so relaxed and happy with his family he almost fell asleep during the picture!

Soquili’s story has such a happy ending, but it could have been very different. If we had not receive donations to rescue him from the auction, we could have never saved him and he would have disappeared into the slaughter pipeline and been gone forever. At the auction we are going to there will likely be over 100 horses, all of them having the same fate that Soquili found himself in last November. It costs a lot of money to rescue horses from auction, quarantine them, give them the medical care they need and shelter them while we look for the right homes for each horse.

Right now we have enough funds in our Rescue Fund account to rescue and care for 4 horses. With your support we could easily rescue over 20 horses from ending up in the wrong hands. I’m asking that you will please make a donation right now, no donation is too small, and every dollar adds up.  Help us help more horses just like Soquili.


Tawnee Preisner
President & Founder



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