Auction Update and More

Hello Everyone,

Today was a very busy day at the shelter.  We were moving horses around, getting the auction horses settled in, and all the other chores involved with daily shelter life.  I know a lot of you are following the story of the horse that was down at the auction.  We do not have a name for him yet, we are asking for name suggestions on our Facebook page.  If you would like to suggest a name, click here and comment with your name, or “like” a name suggestion that you think would be a good one.  He is doing remarkably well.  This morning when I moved a round bale of hay into the pen, he was the first one up grabbing a mouth full of hay.  He has a good appetite and his recovery is truly a miracle.

I have posted all the auction rescue horses, minis, donkeys and mules that we rescued on our Facebook page.  We are asking for help naming them as well, if you would like to help name them, or see all their photos, Click Here.

Payton was adopted today!  We are so happy for him and his new family.  He was one of the donkeys that was surrendered at our 1-Day Open Door Shelter here in Tennessee.

I had a bit of a shock when one of our local staff sent me a message telling me we made front page of the newspaper.  My newspaper was still in the mail box, but when I got it, sure enough, we were on the front page!  It was a story about the Horse Fest we did for the national Help a Horse day.  I didn’t think they were going to do a story about it since it was a couple weeks ago, but it was really neat to see the news coverage.

I want to thank each and every person who made a donation to the auction rescue.  Without you, there is no way we could have save so many.

Thanks Again!

Tawnee Preisner