Trolls Hurting Horses

In the last blog we addressed a person who was going on social media attacking our 1-Day Open Door Shelters.  If you missed that blog, click here.  I really don’t want to spend my time addressing trolls, but I will address this other person who is also attacking the 1-Day Open Door Shelters, Horse Plus Humane Society, and me personally.  I wasn’t going to address this but it came to my attention that she is contacting potential adoption partners, telling them lies and slandering us.  I want to address this because she is ultimately hurting horses.  You can read a post that was forwarded to me when she contacted a potential adoption partner for a 1-Day Open Door Shelter below.

There are so many slanderous lies in her message, I don’t know where to begin.

She claims numerous lawsuits have been filed against us, including one for horse theft and burying horses on my property.  Lawsuits are public information and I have never been sued for stealing horses nor have I ever been sued for burying horses. I have never  stolen any horses!  I have been listed in 3 lawsuits since 2004.  1 was a divorce lawsuit where I was named as a witness, 2 was a person who signed a large number of horses over to us, then when we posted the horses horrible condition he was disgruntled, and 3 we were listed in a property foreclosure dispute.

She states we euthanize 80% of the horses we bring in, our yearly reports tell the full story, click here.  We do not euthanize 80% of horses that come into our shelter.  We are an open door shelter and a lot of people like to make wild exaggerations about our euthanasia rate.  To read more about why we are an open door shelter, click here.

She states we don’t have photos of our shelter.  Please watch this adoption promotion video (click here) that has a wide angle aerial shots of our facility.  This woman is simply lying.

She states that the AAEP and the Humane Society are investigating us.  They are more than welcome to investigate us, we have nothing to hide.  One of the vice-presidents of the ASPCA came to our TN shelter and loved what she saw.  Two ASPCA representatives will be at our PA 1-Day Open Door Shelter.  We are an organization that works with other national organizations, and of course they do their due diligence before working with organizations.

She claims that we are “adopting” horses to employees to fake adoption photos.  We strongly encourage our staff and volunteers to adopt horses.  They make the best homes.  However, Sara Cobos did NOT adopt Velvet, Velvet was adopted in TN and Sara Cobos is in California.  Although the two ladies do look somewhat similar I suppose, they are different people.  In this photo the adopter is holding the horse and Sara Cobos is hugging her horse.  Two totally different people separated by over 2,000 miles.

This person first started attacking our team last month when she sent this message to Melissa Reali, who helps manage the 1-Day Open Door Shelters.  You can see her message below.  There is adult language in it.  She claimed we were sending horses to slaughter, obviously not true, we never have or would send a horse to slaughter.

Then she started attacking me personally.  She started going on to my personal page and posting lies about me and Horse Plus.  She again claimed we were sending hundreds of horses to slaughter, which I tried to explain was not true, but she refused to budge in her false belief.

She continued commenting on my page, and then came up with a very preposterous statement that I had my husband, Jason, dump horses in a field.  Never happened, horses in CA that needed humane euthanasia were taken to North State Rendering (who no longer accept horses) in accordance with state and local regulations.

She then asked if I was going to take my foal to slaughter.  Kaylie was a surprise when I found out my recently adopted horse, Kahlua, came pregnant from the auction.  This lady is so far out of reality for who I am personally and what I stand for…

Then she messaged me personally, accusing me of using the Humane Society’s funds to purchase a house, and pocketing the money from killing horses.  Again, not true.

We did some research on this person, and local law enforcement knows about her…

It’s so sad that people do believe what they read on the internet without finding out the truth.  People like this can ultimately hurt so many horses in the end.  We attend auctions and rescue horses, someone seeing her post and deciding not to donate could be the difference between coming to our shelter and finding a home, or shipping to slaughter due to us having a lack of funds to help that horse.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Tawnee Preisner – Founder