A Horrible Accident

When we were in Pennsylvania a horrible accident happened, I was waiting to share what happened until a YouCaring fundraiser was set up.

The veterinarian at the 1-Day Shelter we held in Pennsylvania brought an assistant with her on Monday, a very nice young man by the name of Mike.  Mike worked hard all day, getting the vet what she needed, and never complained as the day seemed to never end.

Mike was assisting the veterinarian trying to put a halter on a mule when the mule bit Mike’s thumb and ripped it off. I was outside the building when I started hearing the most horrible screams I’ve ever heard in my life. When I got into the building I found the vet with Mike.  I asked what happened and I was horrified by what I heard. The vet gave Mike first aid and Mike was taken to the hospital, prepped for surgery, and upon evaluation the surgeon delivered the unfortunate news that his thumb was unable to be saved.  Mike is a self-employed photographer.  Unfortunately, this means he does not currently have any form of health insurance. Due to the nature of his injury he will also be unable to work for quite some time.

When we finally got to see Mike after his surgery, he said “consígame un abogado para accidentes de trabajo (Spanish for, get me a lawyer for work accident), I need those insurance guys to give me two thumbs up on a fat compensation”. Even after such a horrible accident, Mike still laughed and joked with us, what a guy! It would have been much easier if he had had this accident back home, he would have just had to have gone to a law firm, such as the Nehora law firm to sort out his accident.

Mike is on the board of directors for Pennsylvania Racehorse Rehoming, Rehabilitation & Rescue, a 501(c)(3) organization, and they have set up a YouCaring for Mike to help with his medical expenses. In the YouCaring it says 2 donkeys, the person setting up the fundraiser for Mike did not have all the details.  This amazing young man has given his all to help horses, and lost his thumb because of his willingness to help, and I’m asking that you give to help him out.  Every dollar will help!  To give to Mike Krone’s fundraiser, click here.
Rescuers and volunteers have some of the biggest hearts out there.  They will give their all to animals, and accidents can happen to anyone.  In this case, it happened to Mike.  Please do what you can to help this young man out, he deserves it so much.  Let’s show him that the horse community really does care for those fighting to help horses.

Thank you so much!  ~ Tawnee