Update: 10 Horses Saved!

Just wanted to send a quick email out and thank everyone for your donations that made last night’s auction rescue possible. 10 horses were saved from the slaughter pipeline. I saved both of the horses that were in the email sent out last night and a lot more.  

We did get confronted and harassed by a person the USDA is investigating for soring (animal cruelty).  I am a witness in the case, and he definitely  crossed a line that he shouldn’t have. Harassing a witness is a very bad idea! We were also followed quite a ways after we left the auction. I will be writing a blog about it and all the horses saved soon. In the meantime here is a photo I took of one of the horses saved last night, as you can see he has been through a lot, but there is hope in his eyes now!

Thank you so much again for making this rescue possible!

Tawnee Preisner

Horse Plus Humane Society