Our Trainer Was Kicked and Sent to the Emergency Room

We want to send a huge “Thank you!” to everyone who has donated on our GoFundMe fundraiser for the new dog and cat shelter that is so desperately needed here in rural Tennessee.  Nearly $4,000 has been raised by 93 people in only 4 days.  As soon as we reach $10,000, the first phase will begin.  If you haven’t seen the update on the GoFundMe page yet, and to donate and help, click here.

As you know, Tawnee has worked tirelessly to try and expose some of the abuse that Tennessee Walking Horses go through with soring and the stacks and chains.  She was given an award in appreciation for all her hard work.

The Distinguished Service Award was presented by CCABLAC (Concerned Citizens Against Big Lick Animal Cruelty.)   Tawnee was filmed by one of their representatives when she received the award.  To watch the video, click here.

Trevor, one of our many donkeys, was adopted!  We are so happy for him and his new mom.  He was quite curious when he met her, but soon he fell in love with her.

After Trevor headed to his new home, Kristen got to work evaluating the last group of auction horses.  Their preliminary quarantine was over and it was time for their initial evaluation.  One of the horses Kristen knew right away was a horse that had received a lot of abuse in the past.  As she was rubbing the horse down, it cow kicked her right above her eye.  Thankfully it was not a full kick to her face, but it left a horrible gash.

Tawnee and Kristen headed to the local Urgent Care center.  Before they left the shelter Tawnee put a band-aid on the gash, which hid the true extent of the injury.  When the urgent care staff removed the band-aid and saw how bad it was, they referred them to the “local” hospital 45 minutes away, so Tawnee and Kristen hit the road again.

Kirsten got 9 stitches and was quite a trooper through it all.  “Just another day with my boots on,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

Tess had a potential adopter coming out to look at her today, so Allyssa got her into the pen for a grooming session.

Tess stood quietly as she was groomed, and the potential adopter watched.  Tess is such a pretty girl!

Allyssa rode Tess around.  The potential adopter was looking for a horse to add to their family who would be good with kids.

Then the potential adopter rode Tess, and we knew that Tess would win her over.   After the ride she said “Yes, I want her.”

We are so happy for Tess and her new family.  The adoption application is being processed and transportation arrangements are being made.  If all goes well Tess should be home next week.

Tawnee has been working on designing the dog and cat shelter.  Designing a building this size is extremely complex, and Tawnee welcomes constructive ideas from anyone who has worked in a shelter or has designed a dog and cat shelter.  To view the plans larger, click on the image.

Thank you all for your support!  It is greatly appreciated and we couldn’t do it without you.