Our trainer is healed up, lots of adoptions and more

Back in June we did an educational program for kids at our local library.   It was a lot of fun and nearly 150 people came to the event.  This week’s newspaper was a surprise for us as they had done a story about it.  To read the story in the newspaper – Click Here.   The library posted up a lot of photos when we did the event – Click Here.

In our last blog our trainer was kicked in the head and went to the emergency room where she got stitched up.  She has healed up amazingly well and you can barely see where the injury was.  Great job healing up Kristen!

Kristen does a great job working with the different horses we have at the shelter, getting them ready to find their forever homes.  We really appreciate everything she does for the horses at our shelter.

Promise was all ears as he watched a big truck and trailer pull into the shelter.  He didn’t know it yet, but that was his new family coming to adopt him.

His new mom was delighted to meet him and he was everything she hoped he would be.

They posed for a great adoption photo.  We are so happy for Promise!  We look forward to seeing update photos as he grows up.

Tess was adopted and her new family was so excited.  They came down and met her, which we shared in the previous blog, and now their adoption application was finished and it was time for Tess to go home.

Arrowhead was adopted by a great family.  He was originally at our Oklahoma shelter, and then he was transferred to our TN shelter.  Kristen put a lot of time and training into him, and it all paid off as he has a great home.

Cody had a potential adopter come and look at him.  She quickly fell in love with him, he was everything she was looking for.

Cody was delivered to his new home and settled right in.  He is quite content and happy in his new barn.

Brittany was curious were her and Jeanette were going.  We told them they were going to a great home.

Jeanette and Brittany were being adopted by one of our previous adopters.  They wanted to add these two donkeys to their family.  Their goats and their dog were quite curious about them.  They settled right in and soon were making friends.

We had 3 horses surrendered to us by a person who could no longer keep them.  It just amazes us that with all the green grass and $25 round bales of hay there are so many skinny horses.   This is Charlie, poor guy is pretty skinny.

This is a Mustang named Donato.  He is 6 year old.  He is in slightly better condition than his friends.

This is Booyah.  When they were being picked up, in the paperwork there was a piece of paper that stated if a person was never able keep Booyah that his original owners would like him back.  He had not been owned long by the person surrendering him to us, and so we contacted his original owner and they were devastated by his condition.  They are arranging to adopt him and give him a forever home this time.

Skinny horses are prevalent in TN.  Generally it is in the wintertime, but there is a case that we have been watching for over a year.  Local law enforcement knows about it, but as of yet nothing has been done.  We have been trying to work with this owner, and even gelded their donkey.  As you can see from this photo taken last week, the Palomino has been struggling.  These horses weight goes up and down, and it’s so sad to watch, powerless, as law enforcement does not act.  To see the first blog when we went out to this property – Click Here.

We had a baby deer visit our shelter.  We didn’t know if she was an orphan or not, but she was all alone. Tawnee went down to try to see if she was OK, and she scampered off into the woods.  There was no sight of mommy anywhere.  Tawnee told everyone to keep an eye for her.

Kristen took Royal out on a trail ride, and she was going to keep an eye out for the fawn.  We rescued Royal in February, he was really sick when we rescued him from an auction, and it was clear that he had been a big lick show horse with identical scars on both pasterns.  He is learning to be a trail horse but still figuring out where to put his feet.  To see his video when we rescued him – Click Here.

On the trail ride Kristen saw the baby deer and its mommy.  The two had become reunited.  Royal did great on the trail ride, there are so many sights and sounds that are so unfamiliar to a show horse used to doing the big lick for a noisy audience and carnival music.

We are still working towards our goal of opening a dog and cat shelter, and are also looking to find someone local to operate it.  We are so busy with the horses, but we cannot turn a blind eye to the plight of dogs and cats in our community.  So far we have raised $4,500, and we really need your help!  Even $10 will help a lot. Please help the dog and cat shelter become a reality  – Click Here.

Thank you all for your support, both financial and emotional.  We couldn’t have rescued, and then found wonderful homes, for all the horses and donkeys in this blog without your help.