Meet the Horses Saved from the Auction

We have been very busy since the auction rescue.  The horses arrived at our shelter Wednesday, and upon intake they received vaccinations, deworming, microchipping, and were weighed and measured.  After the intake process was over they settled into their quarantine pen for the night.

Today, Thursday, the veterinarians came out to do evaluations, lameness checks, dental work, and geldings, and each horse was photographed.  We had a great group of volunteers help with the process, but by the end of the day everyone was exhausted.  Every horse that we rescued at the auction had veterinarian work done to them!

Please enjoy the photos of each of the horses and the mule rescued at the auction.  They are all posted on Facebook and we are asking for name suggestions for them.  If you would like to suggest names for them, click here.

Please remember you can suggest names for them on our Facebook page – Click Here.

We rescued one other horse, it was a horrible situation, we will be telling his story soon, but here is a short video of him when we first met him. – Click Here.

Thank you all so much for your support!  We can’t thank you enough for making this auction rescue possible.