Help Feed the Horses for Free – 1 Like = 1 Pound of Feed!

We have an amazing opportunity made possible by ND Flax Milling.  They contacted us about their feed and their new Feed a Horse program, where they will give 25% off any of their products for 6 months to anyone who adopts a horse from a rescue or humane society.  After talking to them, they agreed to do an additional program for us, and are donating 1 pound of feed for every like they get on Facebook.  They started with 517 likes, and after posting about this amazing program, within hours they had over 1,700 likes.

We received our first shipment of feed thanks to everyone liking their page.  It is very good quality feed, and the horses love it!

They also sent us a bunch of goodies for our adoption packets.  It is really neat to see a business doing what they can to promote horse adoption.

The cold milled flax is very good, and the horses really enjoy it.  The health benefits for them are tremendous too.

Their Green and Gold Plus pellets are equally good, and the horses really love eating these.  They are made from corn, oats, field peas, and cold milled flax.

The horses definitely enjoy licking up the milled flax and the pellets.  We would like to thank ND Flax Milling for giving us the free feed, and we want to thank you for liking their page.  Just a few people clicking “like” gave these horses a wonderful, tasty breakfast.

If you have not liked their page yet, please do so now!  Your single like will be 1 pound of feed for the rescued horses.  We can’t thank you enough!  Just click here and click the “Like” button.