We will be in Mississippi on September 24th doing a 1 Day Open Door Shelter!

On September 24th from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm we will be holding a 1-Day Open Door Shelter in Edwards, Mississippi.  We were hoping to hold an event in Louisiana last month, but the parish changed their mind at the last minute and we could not hold the event.  This event is about 20 miles from the Louisiana border, and we are hoping that we will be able to help horses not only in Mississippi, but in Louisiana and other surrounding states.

We have held 1-Day Open Door Shelters across the United States, and have had a very high success rate with them.  We network with local adoption partners, and we have never had to euthanize an adoptable horse!  The goal of this event is to help horses who can no longer stay with their owners, and give them a safe place while in transition to a new home.  We also offer free euthanasia for horses who need it, and whose owner cannot afford it.  All surrendered horses will be evaluated for quality of life by Dr. Donnie Vice of Dixie Equine Medicine & Surgery.  Adoptable horses will be placed into adoption programs with approved adoption partners: Mississippi Horses, MS Animal Rescue League and Horse Plus Humane Society.  To follow this event, please see our Facebook event page: click here.

When:  September 24 at 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
     Where:  3517 Askew Ferry Rd, Edwards, Mississippi

If you have a horse you are planning on surrendering at this event please follow the link and fill out the form, click here. This will help the surrender process go faster when you are signing in at the event and help us anticipate how many horses will be surrendered.

On Saturday, the day before our event, The Safe Horse Project will be having a day of fun for the entire family including a flea market, pony rides, silent auction, used tack sale, training demonstrations and presentations by equine professionals.  Horses for sale by owner or available for adoption through rescue organizations – many beautiful horses will be hoping to find the perfect home. The Safe Horse Project believes horse owners have the right to sell horses that have been raised and trained for companion and recreational purposes without the worry that they will end up in a neglectful home or in the slaughter pipeline. The best way to keep a horse safe is to make sure it finds the right home. The Safe Horse Project seeks to do that by changing the way the horse industry buys and sells, giving horse lovers an open and honest venue to buy and sell their horses.

The Safe Horse Auction will offer the tools to optimize the right horse/right home effort: buyer screening and owner matching methods similar to those used by rescue organizations; trainer evaluations; owner education; ongoing guidance; and training clinics conducted with new owners after the horse is in its new home.

The horses that don’t sell at the Safe Horse Auction can go back home with their owners or can be surrendered to the 1-Day Open Door Shelter.  For more information about the Safe Horse Auction and Fair, click here.