Some Great Before and Afters Photos

We wanted to share an update with you about Ace.  This is a photo of Ace with his adoptive mom, Kathy, they recently sent to us.  We love getting adoption update photos, and it is so great seeing Ace looking so amazing!  Last year he was at death’s door.

Ace was nothing but bones when we rescued him, and the transformation he has made is so incredible.  To watch his rescue video, click here.

We have another transformation happening to another horse at our shelter.  We rescued Dreamer on August 8 from an auction.  He is a 9 year old Tennessee Walking horse.  He was in such poor condition and it’s always sad to see a horse so neglected.

Less than a month later he is really starting to fill out and the life is back in his eyes.  He still has a ways to go, but he is looking so much better!  This part of our rescue work is always so heart warming.  It’s hard to tell the dramatic difference in day to day care, but when you put photos together, the difference is amazing.

We would like to thank ND Flax Milling, Inc, for their part in Dreamer’s recovery.  ND Flax Milling is donating 1 lb of feed for every like they get on Facebook to our organization.  They have already sent two shipments to our shelter and are planning on sending more soon.  Please, if you have not liked their Facebook page yet, take a minute and like it.  Click here.

The ND Flax Milling feed helped Dreamer gain his weight, and so many other horses at our shelter.  Rehabbing an emaciated horse is not easy or cheap, but thanks to their donation of high quality supplements, Dreamer’s recovery is amazing.

Thank you all for your support, we couldn’t do it without you!