Urgent Need: Slaughter auction happening next week

We have an extremely urgent need, and we need your help to save horses.  There is an auction happening next week where most of the horses will be shipped directly to slaughter.  There are quite a number of horses that are sold at this auction that come up through the slaughter pipeline from Florida, and because of Hurricane Irma, we believe there may be a lot more horses needing help.  Feedlots in Florida will undoubtedly move their horses out while they can.  They can’t ship them all directly to the border, so many could end up at this auction.

At the last auction we attended, our rescue team saw this horse with a serious injury on its head.  He had a horrible gash on his forehead that was untreated, and he was thoughtlessly dumped at the auction.  Sadly we were unable to rescue this boy due to a lack of funds, we do not know what his fate was.

Rescuing, rehabilitating and training horses from the slaughter pipeline is extremely costly, but with your support, we rescued 19 last month.  We would love to rescue that many again this month, but we need your help to make that happen.  Out of those precious 19 lives, sadly 2 required the Last Act of Kindness due to medical issues causing suffering, and our veterinarian said it was the kindest thing to do.   The others have just come out of quarantine, 4 have already been adopted, others are in adoption pending, and others are being trained.  It costs our organization about $1,000 per horse to purchase from the auction, rehabilitate, train, and shelter until they can find their right home.  With slaughter prices reaching $550 per horse, for average sized horses, it costs a lot just to purchase them at auction.  When they come to our shelter, each horse is evaluated by our veterinarian, teeth floated if needed, shots, worming, microchipped, farrier care, the list goes on.  With your help, at this upcoming auction, we won’t have to leave horses like this precious boy behind.  Your donation can make the difference between life or death at a slaughter plant in Mexico or Canada.  Please make a donation, click here.

When we go to auctions, we never know how many horses are there, but at this auction, there are typically over 100 horses that are sold.  There are slaughter semi-trucks waiting to haul off these precious lives, it is horrific, but you can make a difference: please give now, every dollar really does help.

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